Zido directions.

Ever imagine removing efflorescence from your stone, tile, brick and other surfaces, with just one simple step? Zido speeds up to 5x faster dissolving efflorescence faster than all others on the market. Our most advanced formulation ever. And a fresh new cherry small changing the aroma in the area from pungent to refreshing. This much power has never been this ready to go.
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Why does Zido work so good?
Let’s step into the chemistry.

The industry needed a product to remove efflorescence, any customer can use, from a cleaning lady to professional contractors. We started off formulating Zido with an acidic base to dissolve minerals. With this mindset, we are able to eliminate all efflorescence on most surfaces. That’s not just chemical power — that’s the power of a full laboratory of chemists.
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Before appying Zido know
the compatiable sufaces.

Zido can only be used on certain surfaces. Learning all the surfaces is key, preventing any damage from taking place.
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Step 1. Remove the bulk of efflorescence.
Protect the area.

Always look around and cover any plants or items that maybe damaged by the pressure washer or chemicals. Remove the bulk of efflorescence with the scrapper tools or a comparable tool. Exterior applications, a pressure washer can be used to clean the surface and remove most of the bulk efflorescence. By removing the heavy build-up, this will save money on Zido and allow the chemical to penetrate deep into the surface, dissolving efflorescence at the root.

Step 2. Methods of applying Zido
Prepare Zido to dissolve efflorescence.

1. Sprayers: Zido over an effected area is only recommended for exterior applications. Spraying Zido works best over decks and brick walls.
2. Yorker Cap: We recommend using a yorker cap in showers and other surfaces that may need a controlled application. If the shower floor has natural stone with a lot of efflorescence, use the yorker cap with a pFOkUS approved paint brush to spread the chemical.
3. Wax Cup: Fill the wax cup with Zido and apply to the surface with a pFOkUS approved paint brush. This process is best used in pool environments, shower application, countertops, back splashes etc.

Step 3. Apply Zido. Works Wonders.

After all the bulk has been removed. Apply Zido with one of the steps above. Always perform a test area first in an inconspicuous spot. Apply Zido to the efflorescence and it will fizz up on contact, like hydrogen peroxide. Once the fizzing stops (usually within 5 minutes), all the efflorescence should be dissolved. If another application is needed, repeat the process above. Wash the area down with water. NOTE: if the efflorescence does not fizz up immediately than there maybe a sealer over the efflorescence. In this case, scrape the efflorescence, apply again making sure it fizzes up. Sometimes pool cleaners have a sealer which coats the efflorescence same as shower cleaners.
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Step 4. Final stage. Haze removal.

Sometimes after the Zido treatment, ceramic tiles could have mineral deposits or a little residue from the efflorescence. Meet Benaz, a calcium and mineral deposit remover. Simply put this product on a Brillo pad (comes with Benaz) and massage the surface.
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Removing efflorescence was a breeze.
So is preventing the occurrence.

We strongly recommend sealing the brick, concrete, and natural stone with either Celine, Enhancio, or Tivoli. Mortar or grout should be repaired with Sentura and then sealed with Caponi. Otherwise efflorescence could come back.

Celine Is a clear resin solvent base sealer that soaks deep into stone, brick, concrete and more. Celine water proofs the surface leaving the surface with a lush semi-gloss finish. Celine is our most durable topical clear sealer.
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Enhancio Is an enhancer pulling out all the colors of the stone leaving no sealer on-top of the surface. The stone looks like it was never sealed except the fact the colors are vibrant and water will bead off the surface. The stone is still allow to breath giving a reaction time to remove spills and liquids off the surface.
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Tivoli This is a topical sealer that dries to a natural look. This sealer is our strongest natural look sealer for stone. We only recommend this Tivoli for shower floors, pools or harsher environments. For the most protection of our stone, this is the sealer. It doesn’t just give reaction time to wipe up spills, it waterproofs the surface.
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Sentura Is a two part epoxy resin that is not affected by efflorescence. We suggest using Sentura rather than grout because Zido grows on and in cementitious surfaces (grout, mortar etc). Sentura is 100% waterproofing grout replacement.
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Caponi Is a two part pigmented epoxy resin grout sealer that is not affected by efflorescence. We suggest using Caponi to waterproof the grout
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Grout sealer and crack sealer with 40 colors

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