Framed Glass Shower Door Seals

A revolutionary new material
used for framed glass shower door seals.

Replacing the drip rail seal is faster and cheaper than replacing the entire drip rail. Our new material is more durable and sleeker than before, yet remarkably thinner and lighter. It is the clearest, most flexible material we have used to manufacture our framed glass shower door seals. And it’s ready for your shower door with all the designs we carry below.

DS9397 Framed Glass Shower Door Seals


36” lengths
DS9397 shower door seal >
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DS8211 Framed Glass Shower Door Sweep Wipe Seals R


36” lengths
DS8211 clear seal >
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DS8211 Framed Glass Shower Door Seals
DS8229 Framed Glass Shower Door Seals


36” lengths
DS8229 door wipe >
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36” lengths
DS8227 star seal >
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DS8227 Framed Glass Shower Door Seals
DS8230 Framed Glass Shower Door Seals


36” lengths
DS8230 replacement seal >
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We also carry the replacement drip rails.

Drip Rails

All finishes, lengths and sizes.
36” lengths
Replacement drip rails >

Framed Drip Rail - Gold

Questions on shower door seals?
Here are our answers.

Do I need an adhesive for the seals that push over the glass?

No. Measure the drip rail width and cut the seal. Then simply push the seal into the drip rail on the door. Measuring directions >

How long should the shower door sweeps last for?

For years. Depending on tile installation the life maybe altered.

How do I cut the drip rail to fit my framed glass shower door?

Use scissors or a box cutter knife.

Do all the seals fit the shower door drip rails?

No, remove your old seal and then look at the pattern of the seal that slides into the door. If no sweep is present then simply look at the groove in the drip rail in which the door seal would slide into.

Does pFOkUS sell the replacement drip rails?

We carry all drip rail replacements and all finishes. We also carry frameless shower glass door seals. Shower door replacement seals >

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