Learn how to apply Sentura.
Mold and mildewed caulk – no more.

Sentura is not just a products which eliminates caulk, Sentura is mold and mildew proof, stain-proof, waterproof and will not peel. Learning how to apply Sentura is easy. We go over all the direction below.
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Applying Sentura in all the corners.

1. After all the caulk and grout has been removed from the corners and the sentura mixed and place in the applicator bag – fill one of the empty Sentura jars up with water. The water will be used to smooth the Sentura out.
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Adding the pigment over Sentura to match the area.

Sentura may and could yellow over time. We recommend coating over top of Sentura with Caponi. Caponi can simple be brushed over top of the Sentura. Choose from over 40 colors.
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Sentura - Caulk Substitite - pFOkUS

Sentura can be used on many surfaces.

Sentura can be used on multiple surfaces from Block, natural stone, toilets, tubs, brick, concrete, and much more.

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