Celine - Stone Grout Sealer

Ingenuity makes it clear.
Resins makes it strong.

Professionals love Celine – a clear topical grout and stone sealer. So, when they asked us to build a durable sealer for interior and exterior, we went all in. And then we went way, way beyond, creating a clear solvent sealer with a lavender scent and the most staggeringly powerful resin collection known. View the specs, directions and features below.

Celine - A Clear Resin Topical Sealer

There’s never been a better
time to seal your stone.

A clear UV protection sealer with a solvent core is remarkable enough. But a clear sealer that is also shower approved is an entirely different creature. Hydrophobic technology, fast drying resins and the durability with flexibility to balance superb one coat application performance. So whether you’re sealing your slate, brick, honed marble and travertine, limestone, concrete, flagstone and more while all getting done at lightning speed. Proof, once again, that there’s perfection in our sealants.
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Celine - A Clear Solvent Stone Grout Sealer for Stone
Celine Stone Grout Sealer

Pushing hydrophobic stone sealers
even further with Celine.

Celine’s clear resin protection leaves a meticulously sheen and delivers an intense hydrophobic experience, waterproofing the surface. It prevents mold, mildew and stains in your shower and outside patios, while cutting down on the efflorescence.
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Easy to use. Easy To love.

Water spot, soap scum, rust and sap, algae, damage many surfaces, so the development of Benaz has never been so needed. Benaz works on all pools, When we want to formulate something great, we challenge every assumption in chemistry. We cast aside all standard materials and methods that the industry currently offers to labs. We refused to rest until it becomes possible to create sealers like no others. Imagine a sealer that is chemical resistant which maintains your surface with ease. And we can’t wait for you to experience this hydrophobic sealer to unfold in front of you. Learn all the surfaces Celine is used on.
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How to seal natural stone,
brick, grout and more.

Formulating a stone sealer is the first half – second half, make it easier for everyone to use. Celine adds a professional sealant which homeowners can use as well. Education is what counts, so we count on directions.
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Celine Specs & Coverage

Celine specifications, coverages, drying times can be found following this link below. This link will also give you a better idea on how much Celine to purchase on tackling the new restoration project that you are up against.
Celine specifications >
Sentura approved areas >

Shower Restorations had made easy with Celine Stone Grout Sealer

Shower restoration just
became easier.

You strive for durable sealers with that perfect coat of lush enhancement. And we strive for long-lasting sealers that last in the worst environments. First clean the grout and stone with Imperia, color seal all the joints with Caponi and then seal all the stone with Celine. Imperia is our deep cleaner for all tile, grout and stone. Caponi is a 2 part pigmented grout sealer made with titanium and epoxies/resins.
Imperia deep cleaner >
Caponi pigmented grout sealer >
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Enhancing the color of etched stone.

Traditionally, stone enhancing sealers have relied primarily on water and oil based penetrating sealers that don’t prevent stains or etching. But, Celine’s sealant performances are dramatically increased preventing etching, mold & mildew and chemical resistant . pFOkUS® chemists looked ahead and engineered a process more powerful than others. Not only does it feature a state-of-the-art topical protection with deep penetration — it also features enhancing technology of all dark color porous stones.
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Enhance the Color of Etched Stone with Celine Stone Grout Sealer

Questions about Celine – stone grout sealer?
We have answers.

Does Celine’s sheen stay high gloss?

The sheen dims down overtime. The sheen will last longer on floors than showers.

Will Celine help prevent efflorescence on shower floors?

Yes. If Caponi is used to seal the grout, Sentura used to replace the caulk and then waterproof all the stone with Celine.

Can we apply Celine over itself?

Yes. As long as the stone is cleaned with Imperia. Celine will emulsify itself into the current coat of Celine.

Does Celine have a bad smell?

Celine is fragranced with a lavender smell.

What is the difference between Celine and water based sealers.

Celine seals, waterproofs, UV rays protected and is chemical resistance. Water based sealers only seal the surface.

Celine Stone Grout Sealer - Bottle Sprayer

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