Valore Maintenance - Shower Glass Cleaner

Meet Valore.

Until now, finding a green safe cleaner, that actually worked was a burden. You had to either scrub, squeegee or wear gloves. The new Valore maintenance shower glass cleaner with concentrated formulation is designed to take the work out of cleaning. Formulated by our passionate chemists – Valore seals and cleans at the same time.
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Valore Shower Glass Cleaner

Never miss what matters.
Save time doing it.

Now there is an entirely new way to keep every surface clean and sealed while saving time doing it.

  • One cleaner. One sealer. One bathroom.
  • Reduces inventory products.
  • Prevents water dots from etching the shower glass.
  • Maintains our Sentura and Caponi sealers.
  • Use on showers, tubs, countertops, floors and more.
  • Use on all fixtures, tile, hard surfaces and ones below.

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Valore Maintenance - Pack of 6

Clean to every detail in greater detail.

Valore is not a deep shower glass cleaner, but more of a cleaner/sealer combo that will maintain all of our products, showers, tubs and entire bathrooms with little to no effort. It’s fortified at a molecular level through ion exchange with infused H2O2, creating a hydrophilic surface tension more protected and sanitized than imaginable.
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Our planet deserves green formulations.

We take the same innovative chemistry approach to the environment that we do with all of our products. We’re creating new formulations to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re switching to greener materials to create safer products and manufacturing processes. We’re protecting lakes and streams with our biodegradable products while making sure they are managed sustainably. We’re even creating a more mindful way to recycle materials to formulate products.
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Valore Green Ceaner
Valore Spray Bottle

Use sleek Valore
aluminium spray bottle.

Our stylish Valore bottle works in perfect unison with our refill bottles. Simply pour your refill bottle into the sleek spray and fill the rest with water. The aluminum bottle is epoxy coated on the the inside preventing any corrosion or contaminants.
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Questions about Valore – shower glass cleaner?
We have answers.

Is Valore a strong cleaner to remove soil?

No. Valore has light cleaning detergents and a sealer that will prevent dirt and grime from bonding to the surface. You can spray it on glass and instantly water will sheet off and you can see the affects of the sealer. Imperia Deep Clean is our strongest cleaner.

Does Valore come concentrated?

Yes. One Valore Maintenance cleaner can be diluted up to one half gallon for floors and 16oz for showers, countertops and other surfaces other than floors.

Does Valore have to be washed with water after cleaning in the shower?

Depends. It is always better to wash any surface that is soiled with water after using Valore to remove any excessive soil. If you use Valore to maintain then it will dry streak free and seal the surface.

How long does it take Valore’s sealant to dry on the surface?

Very Fast! The sealant will bond in seconds to the surface and you are able to shower in seconds of application. If you spray your shower glass with Valore and splash water on it, you will see the surfaces is sealed.

Does Valore have a smell?

Valore has the relaxing and fresh smell of lavender.

Valore Maintenance Shower Glass Cleaner

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