Learn how to remove caulk
& grout in the corners.

Learning the correct way to caulk not only saves time it creates a perfect surface to fuse the Sentura in the corners. We will cover how to remove caulk and grout to installing the Sentura. To learn how to mix Sentura click the link below.

The arsenal required.

1. Triangle grout removal tool if applicable.
2. Razor scrapper with 5 extra blades.
3. Utility knife

Starting to remove caulk.

Clean debries

We have answers.

1. Does all caulk remove the same?
No. Silicone will never need a triangle tool and acrylic is a stiffer caulk which will need the help of a triangle usaully.

2. Do I have to use Alco to wipe the caulked area after it was removed?
A major process in caulk removing is wiping away all the oils and residue with Alco or deep clean with Imperia. If oils are left behind you will not get the best bond.

3. Can I damage ceramic tile with a scraper blade while removing caulk?
No. Ceramic is very durable and will not scratch. Natural stone could scratch.

4. Do I have to remove the caulk?
Yes. Otherwise when the caulk peels the Sentura would be bonded to the top of the caulk and peel with it.

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