Glass shower door seal & waterproofing.

Shower door seals are made of rubber, polycarbonate or vinyl. Each shower door type may have a different seal than other types. We carry pre-taped, push on and others, which need double sided tape. There are slight variations in the material, the way the seal is installed, the width and the length. Some have a bulb, flat or star-shaped top that fits in the door track. Others have a T-top or are molded to a snap-on rail. Take your time and browse through our exquisitely designed collection of the glass shower door seal.

Glass Shower Door Seal
DS100 Shower Door Seal


98” lengths
$18.99 Pre-taped
DS100 shower door seal >
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Double sided tape >


98” lengths
$18.95 Pre-taped
DS108 shower door wipe >
Buy DS108 >
Double sided tape >

DS108 Shower Door Seal
DS107 Shower Door Seal


98” lengths
$18.95 Pre-taped
DS107 shower door seal >
Buy DS107 >
Double sided tape >


98” lengths
$18.95 Pre-taped
DS9397 shower door seal >
Buy now >
Double sided tape >

DS9397 Shower Door Seal


98” lengths
$18.95 Pre-taped
DS105 shower door wipe >
Buy now >
Double sided tape >

DS105 Shower Door Seal
DS104 Shower Door Seal


98” lengths
$18.95 Pre-taped
DS104 shower door seal >
Buy DS104 >
Double sided tape >


32” , 36” or 98” lengths
DS9010 door wipe >
Buy DS9010 >
Glass door sweeps >

DS9010 Shower Door Seal
DS101 Shower Door Seal


32”, 36” or 98” lengths
DS101 waterproof door seal >
Buy DS101 >
Glass side seal >


32” , 36” or 98” lengths.
DS9000 magnetic door seal >
Buy DS9000 >
Glass waterproof seals >

DS9000 Shower Door Seal
DS9001 Shower Door Seal


32”, 36” or 98” lengths
DS9001 magnetic door seal >
Buy DS9001 >
Shower glass sealer >


32” 36” 95” lengths
DS124 >
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DS124 Framed Glass Shower Door Seals


36′ length
1/4″ $21.99
1/2″ $34.98
Double sided tape DS200 >
Buy DS200 >

DS200 Double Side Tape

Questions about shower door seals?
Here are our answers.

Do I need an adhesive for the glass shower door seal that push over the glass?

No. Measure the height of the door and cut the seal accordingly. Then simply push the seal onto the side of the door. Measuring directions >

How do I install the glass shower door seals on the glass?

Measure the door height and cut the seal. Most of the seals we sell are pre-taped. Use the pFOkUS wipe and clean the door etch. Peel back the tape on the back of the seal and push the seal on the door starting from the bottom to the top.

Is it better to purchase the double tape or the pre-taped seals?

Definitely, using the pre-taped seals is a better option.

What if the sweep is not large enough to fill the gap and water escapes?

We sell sleek aluminum thresholds that are secured in the opening and the shower door sweep will wipe over the top of it. Thresholds >

How long should the shower door sweeps last for?

For years. Depending on tile installation, the life maybe altered.

Glass Shower Door Seal

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