Imperia stone, tile and grout.
Deep cleaning solution.

Imperia – the floor tile grout cleaner is formulated more powerful than before, yet remarkably highly concentrated making up to one gallon. Imperia is a deep cleaner solution for stone, tile, grout and much more. And it introduces groundbreaking cleaning solutions, from showers and pools to floors and kitchens.
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Imperia Deep Clean - The Best Floor Tile Grout Cleaner

The ultimate floor tile grout cleaner.

Mix the entire bottle of Imperia – a tile and grout deep cleaner, into one gallon of water. Imperia elevates the chemical industry to a whole new level of performance and strength. Wherever your cleaning ideas take you, you’ll clean easier, better and faster. No tile and grout deep cleaning product has been formulated this way before. And yet it makes so much sense, it’s now hard to imagine formulating concentrated deep cleaner any other way.
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Imperia - Tile Grout Stone Deep Cleaner
Imperia Floor Tile Grout Cleaner l pFOkUS
Imperia Natural Floor Tile Grout Cleaner for Stone

The future of cleaning tile & grout is here.

Imperia is not simply just a floor tile grout cleaner— it’s better in every way, leaving your tile, grout and stone with a stunning look after each use. We are profoundly passionate about formulating products that save your time. It’s a force that’s driven and inspired us from day one. So we’ve set out to develop the unimagined – handpicked designers and chemists, to create an alkaline cleaner like no other, one that not only cleans the surface, but restores it.
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Imperia Stone Floor Tile Grout Cleaner

Imperia is the first step
to all of our sealers.

To seal stone, tile and grout correctly – preparation is key.
And now, with pFOkUS’ exclusive restoration line, you have one place to access deep cleaners, sealers and maintenance cleaners. Imperia deep cleaner is the first step to removing deep stains, soap scum and grime in grout and stone.
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Questions about Imperia – the floor tile grout cleaner?
We have answers.

Does Imperia tile and grout deep cleaner come concentrated?

Yes. Imperia can be diluted up to one gallon.

Does Imperia have to be rinsed with water after cleaning the surface?

Yes. It is always better to rinse Imperia solution off the shower walls and rinse & retract Imperia off tiled and stone floors. This will remove all the grime and soil.

Does Imperia have to be rinsed after it has been retracted off the floor?

Yes. Rinse or mop the surface with clean water and then retract again. This will ensure the Imperia residue and any other soil is removed from the surface.

Does Imperia have an odor?

Imperia has a fresh clean smell with fragrances added.

Is Imperia the strongest cleaner pFOkUS carries?

Yes. Imperia is our strongest stone, tile and grout commercial deep cleaner. Try our maintenance cleaner to maintain sealed surfaces.
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Imperia Deep Floor Tile Grout Cleaner

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