Framed & Frameless

Glass shower enclosures, cleaners sweeps & seals.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Frameless shower door.

The items below are for frameless glass shower doors. See our items below…

Frameless shower
door seals.

Our shower door seals are designed to adhere to the side of the glass shower door. Some are pre-taped or purchase the double sided tape separately.
Shower door seals >

Frameless Shower Door Seals

Frameless shower
door sweeps.

Our shower door sweep designs are for quick and easy install, as the sweep pushes on to the bottom of the door.
Shower door sweeps >

Frameless Shower Door Sweeps
Framed Shower Glass Enclosures

Framed shower doors.

The items below are for framed glass shower doors. See our items below…

Framed shower door seals.

Our shower door seals dramatically improve the most important aspects of the shower door – preventing leaks.
Glass shower door seals >

Framed Shower Door Seals

Framed shower door
drip rails.

Our shower door drip rails are the thickest aluminum drip rails ever built. In a variety of sizes, colors and lengths that will fit any size framed glass shower door.
Shower door drip rails >

Framed Shower Door Drip Rails
Glass Shower Enclosures - Cleaners & Sealers

Glass cleaners & sealers.

The items below are for glass restoration, from removing water spots to sealing the glass. See our items below…

Glass water spot remover.

Glass etching and water spot removing was a difficult task and needed machinery until now with the formulation of Benaz.
Benaz water spot remover >


Glass sealer & cleaner.

Preventing water spots and etching is key to any beautiful glass shower enclosures. Valore achieves all this and then some more.

Valore Maintenance Cleaner

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