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SEO pFOkUS, September 16, 2020

Are you looking for a part time job that can give you some extra income? If you have some interest in tile and grout related fields, then we have some exciting news for you! Here is a chance to earn some easy money through pFOkUS affiliate program. Even if you do not have any knowledge about tile and grout related products, our affiliate program is quite easy.

pFOkUS – a leading stone, tile, grout, glass, brick and tub restoration products manufacturing company in the US, welcomes each one of you to earn extra money through our easy affiliate program. Through this tile and grout restoration affiliate program, you can earn unlimited money by referring to our website. You can add our website links in our website or social media platforms. All you need to do is to join our pFOkUS affiliate program absolutely free.

pFOkUS Affliate program - Tile and Grout Affliate program

How does the pFOkUS Affiliate Program Work?

This program is an exciting and lucrative opportunity to our members to earn some extra cash by promoting our products on your websites. Each website targets a different group of people. Through this affiliate program, we target at making our products reach everyone so that everyone can benefit from them, while also earning you a small commission for each sale.

Our Affiliate partners shall get access to two of our best-selling products from pFOkUS – Imperia Deep Clean and Caponi. Imperia Deep Clean is our robust deep-penetrating cleaner that get rids of all kinds of dense stains, mold, mildew and other grime. Caponi is our colored grout sealer – our two-part pigmented titanium solvent-based epoxy sealer that is available in more than 40 color options. Grout sealed with Caponi is long-lasting and waterproof. By making these products available to everyone who comes visiting your website, you are helping us reach out to more and more potential customers.

pFOkUS Affliate program - Tile and grout restoration affliate program

Get Benefited Along the Way:

As we join hands towards this affiliate partnership, we offer you generous commissions on each sale. You will also get excellent support by our team at each and every step of the way. Be prepared to earn anywhere between 5 to 10% commission on every product sold via your website. There is no average order volume and hence you have limitless options to explore.

Each time a customer comes visiting  your website, and makes a purchase by clicking on an affiliate link on your website that redirects them to our product page, you earn a 5 to 10% commission. You don’t have to bother about the transaction procession, fulfillment or customer service, as all that will be handled by our team. You will also get detailed reports on sales that took place via referrals from your website. Each month, you will get a check for the commissions earned by you.

Affiliate working is the need of the hour today as more and more customers are going digital. More companies are offering affiliate partnerships to other sellers who too have a website. This way, companies target reaching out to larger audiences and potential customers. It is a genius way of promoting technology and earning money through it.

Important Information Regarding our Policies:

Currently, we are offering this scheme only on two of our products. By signing up, you get access to these product pages and you will be able to drive maximum traffic of your customers to our product page. Also, there is no joining fee or registration fee. You can just fill in our Affiliate form and become our affiliate partner easily. There is also no minimum sale requirement. So, you can just fill in the form and leave it, without any tension. Any money earned through your referral customers will be an added bonus to your earnings each month.

However, we hold the right to allowing websites to become our affiliate partners. If we find any objectionable material on your websites, we hold the right to discontinue with our partnership. You also will not be able to take orders on your website. The customers will get redirected to our product selling page when they click on the links on your website.

Earn Some Extra Cash Every Month:

So, it is a simple, hassle-free way to earn a few extra bucks. If you feel you have a great website selling useful services, products or just blogs and reviews, and if you generate good traffic every month, here is an opportunity to earn a few extra bucks easily.


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