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Call backs were a major part of restoration companies’ lives. Yet somehow, the overall experience of time and money spent on the job continued to stagnate. Until now. It all starts by recognizing that pFOkUS’ products are the future of quality restoration and success. So, we built a foundation around this vision with creative formulations and innovative ways to restore surfaces, and a Vault to keep productivity at an all-time high. These are pFOkUS’ wholesale cleaning products and supplies. And this is where restoration is headed.
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Application training and certification.

Knowledge is power when, it comes to chemistry and application of solvent based products. Classroom and superior hands on training are the keys to keeping quality installation of pFOkUS’ wholesale cleaning products. We meticulously designed and engineered a training program from the inside out at a cost of $1,100. Receive a FREE – Vault for attending the class, a value of $1,591.00.

Travertine Sealing
pFOkUS Products

Product training &
receiving your Vault.

Permanent. Durable. Clarity. Regardless of how you measure the quality of our products, pFOkUS’ wholesale cleaning products are in a class by themselves. Imagine, products that sell jobs by their specs, design, quality and artwork. After choosing all your colors for your new Vault, we will cover product selling tips and will provide your company with artwork. Looking for professionals just got a whole lot easier.

pFOkUS does a lot.
But we can’t do it alone.

We know how pFOkUS sets the standard in areas our products are used in. To help secure your position in the industry and prevent selling product to any and all contractors. pFOkUS needs to protect its name as it helps protect yours, but we can’t do it alone. pFOkUS has a minimum order of $800 a month to receive level 1 pricing and $1,500 to receive level 2 pricing. A two year commitment is required to achieve wholesale pricing. We also need commitments to on-going training and to promote pFOkUS products.

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