Glass shower door sweeps & wipes.

Molded from the clearest polycarbonate material, pFOkUS® frameless shower door sweep have a seamless, unique look that perfectly prevent leaks. With the strong grip, the sweeps simply push on the bottom of the shower door. Our sweeps keep a low profile without sacrificing functionality. With no water to wipe up outside the shower door after each use, the only question is what to do with all the free time?

Frameless Shower Door Sweeps
DS9371-1 Shower Door Sweep


32” or 36” lengths
DS9371-1 sweep details >
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Shower door seals >


32”, 36” or 95” lengths
DS9371 door sweep >
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Replacement fin DS9399 >

DS9371 Shower Door Sweep
DS102 Frameless shower Door Sweep


32”, 36” or 95” lengths
DS102 shower door sweep >
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Glass door side seal >


32”, 36” or 95” lengths
DS9372 shower sweep >
Buy DS9372 >
Glass door threshold >

DS9372 Shower Door Sweep
DS9381 Shower Door Sweep


32”, 36” or 95” lengths
DS9381 door sweep >
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Shower door shims >


32”, 36” or 95” lengths
DS9382 shower door >
Buy DS9382 >
Magnetic glass door seals >

DS9382 - Shower Door Sweep
DS32225 Shower Door Sweep


32”, 36” or 95” lengths
DS32225 shower sweep >
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Framed shower door seals >

DS99 Door Shims

32”, 36” or 95” lengths
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DS99 glass shims >

DS99 Door Shims
DS201 Shower Door Threshold


Shower door threshold
32”, 36” or 95” lengths
Buy DS201 >
Glass door thresholds >

Frameless Shower Door Sweep

Protecting your
frameless shower door sweep
during shipping.

Crystal clear packaging to easily measure the sweep without opening the package. The thick 7m plastic sleeve prevents scratching and allows you to place your sweep against the glass to see if the sweep will fit. Shipping was our first thought, not an afterthought.

Questions about sweeps?
Here are our answers.

How do I install the frameless shower door sweep?

Measure the door length and cut the sweep. Then simply push the sweep onto the bottom of the door. Measuring directions >

How do I use the clear pFOkUS shims?

Place shims in the shower door sweep to adjust the gap before placing it onto the door. Shower door shims for sweeps >

How do I cut the shower door sweep to fit my door opening?

Use the pFOkUS cutters. Scissors are not strong enough to cut through.

What if the sweep is not large enough to fill the gap and water escapes?

We sell sleek aluminum thresholds that are secured in the opening and the shower door sweep will wipe over the top of it.

How long should the shower door sweeps last for?

For years. Depending on tile installation the life maybe altered.

Questions - Shower Door Sweep

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