Framed Shower Door Drip Rail

Forged aluminum framed
shower door drip rail.

With powerful features, built-in bottom seal, and endless gutter to direct the water to the shower drain, our framed shower door drip rail are the thickest aluminum drip rails built. In a variety of sizes, colors and lengths that will fit any size of framed glass shower door. From powerful machinery to innovative software, pFOkUS® empowers the shower door industry to manufacture the highest quality products.

Framed Shower Drip Rail DS203 Chrome

DS203 Chrome

32” or 36” lengths
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DS203 Gold

32” or 36” lengths
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DS203 Gold Framed Shower Door Drip Rail
DS203 Brush Nickel Shower Drip Rail

DS203 Brush Nickel

32” or 36” lengths
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DS203 Oil Rubbed Bronze

32” or 36” lengths
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DS203 Oil Rubbed Bronze Drip Rail

We also carry the replacment seals for the drip rails.

DS8229 Drip Rail Seals

Drip rail seals.
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Questions on shower door drip rails?
Here are our answers.

Are the drip rails powder coated?

Some are powder coated but the brushed nickel is not, as the aluminum is
made to look like brush nickel.

How does the drip rail attach to the shower door, mine currently has screws?

We only use the pFOkUS® pre-installed tape to adhere the drip rails. You can drill the aluminum and use screws but it is not needed.

How do I cut the drip rail to fit my framed glass shower door?

Use a hand held, fine tooth hex saw to cut through the aluminum.

Do all the seals fit the framed shower door drip rail?

No, remove your old seal and then look at the pattern of the seal that slides into the door. If no sweep is present then simply look at the groove in the drip rail in which the door seal would slide into.

Once I remove my old shower door drip rail, how do I clean the door?

Every drip rail comes with pFOkUS® alcohol pads to clean the metal on the door before you adhere the drip rail.

Does pFOkUS sell the replacement seals for the drip rails?

We carry almost all replacement seals for the shower door drip rails. Simply click the link. Shower door replacement seals >

Framed Shower Door Drip Rail

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