The innovation behind
the ‘Artist’ brush .

Without perfect brush strokes, sealant jobs would just be mediocre. It’s what separates the exceptional artist from the status quo contractor. Craft has inspired us to build the best handmade paint brushes. And it drives us to hold every brush to a higher standard. At pFOkUS, craft always matters.
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Paint Brush

Paint brushes finally
get some Italian love.

Attention to detail is important. You strive for quality, durability and the perfect brush stroke. And we strive for the innovative handmade quality that you want to rely on. You see, when the quality of our artist – place their energy into creating this paint brush, everything has to be perfect. That’s why we’ve been paying attention to the smallest details for over 25 years.
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The glue was chemically
formulated for Solvents.

The idea behind one brush rather than multiple has never wavered – to create the ultimate paint brush experience. The best appearance, paired with the high performance bristles and intense adhesive glue – it delivers such a spectacular quality. Use one brush to seal multiple size grout joints.
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pFOkUS Paint Brush

Questions about our paint brush?
We have answers.

Can the brush be used for solvents and water based products?

Of course, we use only the highest quality glue and adhesives. The bristles hold up to the strongest solvents & resins.

Can I wash the brush out with water, if latex paint is used?

Yes. The brush can be used numerous times with latex paints.

Will the Caponi Grout Sealer dry on the bristles?

Yes. Caponi has almost 1300psi adhesion and will start to dry in about 1 hour. We have an alcohol thinner which will loosen up the Caponi.
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We own a painting company, do you sell the paint brushes in bulk?

Yes. Please send us an email with the quantity you want and we will give you a price. Contact Us >

What is the width of the paint brush bristles?

The paint brush is 1.5” wide.


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