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Valore Glass Sealer - Shower Glass Protector

Valore – Shower glass protector &

Meet Valore. A shower glass protector and sealer are made precisely from chemistry and pure innovation. Preserve and save your glass doors, panels, tables and shower doors from hard water dots and etching.
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Valore - Shower Glass Sealer

Sealing glass shower doors
has never been so easy.

The new Valore formula is designed to prevent water dots and etching from destroying your glass shower door and panels. The glass shower door is the entrance to your shower and can change the way your beautiful tiled shower looks with all the water damage on the doors. Valore – shower glass protector will seal and clean the shower glass doors at the same time. No glass sealer has been formulated this way before. And yet it makes so much sense, it’s now hard to imagine formulating a glass sealer any other way.
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Valore Shower Glass Protector

Saltwater damage?

Valore is not simply just a glass sealer — it’s better in every way, leaving your glass panels with a stunning look after each use. The minerals found in salt water include sodium chloride, calcite and others that can solidify and form rocks in the ocean. Saltwater pools have harmful minerals that will damage glass as well. Valore will prevent damages and if your glass is already damaged, we recommend to restore the glass with Benaz. No power tools needed while using Benaz – a water dot and etching remover compound.
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Valore Spray Bottle

Sleek shower approved
aluminum spray bottle.

Valore with Repela-Technology seals and cleans at the same time.  With it’s molecular invisible bonding agents, Valore adheres to all fixtures, glass and much more. It is not a deep cleaner, it will maintain and keep a surface clean and sealed.  Valore repels water at a hydrophilic level causing water to sheet off the glass.  Valore’s repellency agents prevent water dots, corrosion, and liquid soap scum from forming on the surface, when the surface is treated once every 2-3 weeks.
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An easier way to clean just
about all glass.

No more squeegeeing glass, with Valore. Simply rinse the glass down washing any soap residue and the glass will dry dot free. If soil is left after showering, wipe down softly when Valore is applied again. Clean the glass with Valore once every few weeks and the sealant molecules will bond to the glass.
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Sealed Glass

Questions about Valore – shower glass protector?
We have answers.

Does Valore come concentrated?

No. Valore Glass Sealer only comes pre-mixed.

Does Valore have to be washed with water after cleaning in the shower?

No. Spray the glass down with Valore and leave the solution on the surface to dry. If the glass is dirty, wipe it clean after spraying the surface.

Is Valore a strong cleaner to remove etching and water dots?

No. Use our Benaz glass water dot and etching remover. No tools are needed. Benaz shower glass polish >

How long does it take for Valore to dry on the surface?

Very Fast! The sealant will bond in seconds to the surface and you are able to shower in seconds of application. If you spray your shower glass with Valore and splash water on it, you will see that the surface is sealed.

Does Valore have a smell?

Valore has the relaxing and fresh smell of lavender.

Valore Sealer - Glass Shower Protector

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