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Both marble and travertine are natural stones that have a porous structure. Floors made from these natural stone tile easily absorb water and moisture and allow mold and mildew breeding... Read More >

Best Cleaner for Marble or Travertine Floors

Having the right cleaning products at home makes your maintenance job easier and efficient. With the right tools and cleaners at hand, you can easily clean any kind of mess... Read More >

5 Essential Cleaning Products - pFOkUS products

Mold and mildew are a common sight in most showers everywhere. While they not only make the shower unappealing, but also make the place stink. To further add to the... Read More >

Git Rid of Damaged Shower Grout

Do you often feel frustrated scrubbing away the hard water stains and soap scum forming on your glass doors all the time? Irrespective of how much effort you put in... Read More >

glass sealer - pFOkUS

If you feel like screaming seeing your peeling caulk again and again, then you are not alone! Thousands like you face the same caulking issues repeatedly! Caulk is a very... Read More >

Solve all your Caulking Issues with sentura product

Investing in a good quality granite is no big deal as many of you get your countertops, showers, and floors done with pretty granite stone tile. But, the real problem... Read More >

Granite Cleaner and Sealer - pFOkUS

Rust is an inevitable occurrence that tends to damage our tile, stone, metal fittings and many other hard surfaces. It not only looks disgusting, but also damages and weakens the... Read More >

How to remove rust stains from marble tile

The slightest crack or stain on your costly floor tile can make your heart skip a beat. But, then how do you always monitor your flooring’s integrity? It may get... Read More >

7 Common Types of Floor Damage and How to Fix them

Leakage from your glass shower doors can be very annoying. You feel that the very purpose of installing a shower door is futile. Your bathroom gets dirty and there is... Read More >

Glass Shower Door Leaking - pFOkUS

If you had installed the best quality travertine tile a few years ago but now find a few cracks here and there, then you are not alone! Many homeowners face... Read More >

How to Repair Cracks in Travertine Floor Tile - Sentura - pFOkUS

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