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Take your limestone, travertine, concrete, marble and more from dull to a lush coat. pFOkUS has redesigned Celine to waterproof the surface stopping efflorescence, etching and stains. No commercial machines needed, Celine lets you capture the entire process like a professional. Learn how to use Celine to protect your services.

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Resin Shield. Clearly tougher than
any clear topical sealant.

Understanding what makes Celine the best stone sealant is the first step. A fast drying and self leveling resin formulation creates that lush coat. And it pushes what’s possible with its deep penetrating solvent — even big box store sealants can’t do this. It’s super-efficient for great battery life. And it’s ahead of its time, prepared to power pretty much anything that comes next.


Step 1: Deep clean the surface.

One bottle of Imperia deep clean dilutes into a 1/2 gallon of water covering 200 sq feet of surface. Imperia is a very high alkaline pulling soil and sealer from the surface without damaging the stone. Imperia was formulated to work with Merano. Mop it on and scrub the surface – use a wet vac to retract all the liquid off the floor.

Step 2: Three ways to apply the Celine.

1. Sprayer: Spray an even coat across the surface. Make sure the coat is on the heavier side so it has a change to self level. Sometimes you may see air bubbles, in almost all cases they will dissipate. Use an applicator if need to move the seal around.
2. Applicator or roller: Pour or spray the Celine on the surface and use the applicator to spread the sealer out. Note: Celine is fast drying so you are unable to go back over the surface once it starts to dry in 10-30 minutes.
3. Paint Brush: Paint brushes are only recommend on very porous surfaces. Surfaces as in brick, flagstone and concrete etc.


Step 3: Prepare for Celine.

Wait at least 24 hours after a rain before applying Celine clear sealant. Only apply under dry conditions. Application to a damp surface may cause a hazy appearance or loss of adhesion. Air and the surface temperatures should be above 50°F and below 90°F for 24 hours following application. Always perform a small test area before applying over the entire surface. Only apply in a well ventilated area.
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Step 4: Applying Celine to the surface.

Stir thoroughly before and during application. Do not shake or whip air into sealer (this will prevent air bubbles), and do not reduce. Apply with a brush, roller, or airless sprayer. If the surface has corners or edges, coat those with a brush first to ensure complete coverage. Then evenly apply the first coat to the rest of the surface, working in one direction. If applying by airless sprayer, back roll sealer to remove excess, which will ensure an even finish. Do not over-apply


Step 5: Applying Celine only to grout lines.

Celine is the only approved clear sealant approved to use in showers and near pool areas. When ceramic tiles are installed, only the grout will get dirty – if not sealed. Ceramic tile can never be sealed with any sealer, ceramic is too dense. We always recommend applying Celine to the grout joints with a pFOkUS paint brush. Wipe the excessive off the ceramic tiles with a towel before preceding to the next grout joint. Celine can also be sprayed into the grout joints in a 2’ x 2’ . Wait 10 Seconds to allow the sealer to penetrate the grout and then buff off the surface with a lent free rag. Use Alco if needed to remove any left over residue that won’t come off.

Step 6: Re-coat if needed over a surface.

On most surfaces, one coat is enough to keep the area sealed. For the best coverage on very porous surfaces, apply a second coat of Celine Clear Sealer, working in the opposite direction of the first coat. Allow a minimum of 4 hours dry time between coats. For a second coat of sealer over grout lines, apply the same process listed above to seal the grout lines. The second coat will always make the surface more sealed and waterproofed.
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