Caponi Specifications.

Climb into all the specs and geek out. Caponi is a low VOC, flexible, two component, polyamine titanium resin epoxy topcoat grout sealer for use in interior/exterior.  Designed for use in residential and commercial applications while strong enough to use in showers, steam showers and wet areas. It provides excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, color durability, chemical resistance, early moisture resistance and great adhesion. Caponi can fill small high line grout cracks and also cracks in tile. Learn more about caponi grout sealer specifications below.

Caponi Grout Sealer Specifications & Characteristcs

Product Name


Part A

Part B

Product Type

2 Part Epoxy/Resin Pigmented Grout Sealer (Solvent Base). Buy Caponi >

Safety Precautions and PPE: 

Safety should always be the number one priority. Before applying Caponi you should always wear the correct PPE.

Cure Times

50° 77° 110°
To Touch: 1hr 45min 25min
Time to Apply Seal: 5hrs 4hrs 2hrs
Recoat: 6hrs 4hrs 2hrs
Shower or wet area cure time: 2days 2days 2days
Floor walk on cure time: 3hrs 2hrs 1hr


Volume Solids:   56% ± 2%
Weight Solids:    70% ± 2%

Expected wear:

Will vary depending on hardness and texture of surface, type of area, surface wear, frequency, and type of maintenance products used on the seal, weather conditions, harsh cleaning methods, and high-alkaline, acidic, or solvent-based cleaners will affect wear.

Showers : 5-7 years
Residential floors : 15 years
Light Commercial Floors : 5 years

Applicable Standards:

Meets or exceeds Federal Standard.

Provides performance comparable to products formulated to federal specification: TT-C-535B.

Handling & Storage

Close container tightly after each use and store in original container only.

Store and use between temperatures of 40° F ­ 90° F (4° C ­ 32° C).

Product Maintenance

Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, acids or bleach. These products will not damage Caponi – it will not clean Caponi because an alkaline cleaner needs to be used. Use an appropriate pFOkUS cleaner to maintain your surface.  Additional product information is available from the manufacturer upon request.

Shelf Life

36 months unopened

Cleaning of Equipment

Clean all applicators, tools and hands with Alco (pFOkUS product) then use soap and water immediately after use.

General Surface Prep

Read grout manufacture specs on newly installed grout. Protect painted surfaces. Use only pFOkUS approved cleaners for the preparation. View Caponi Directions >
Watch Caponi application video >

Approved Surfaces:

We have an entire page listed with the approved surfaces and how Caponi is applied on each surface.
Approved Surfaces >

Approved Areas:

We have an entire page listed with the approved areas and how Caponi is applied in each of the areas.
Approved Areas >

Caponi Coverage Chart


1/8” 3/16” 1/4” 3/8” 1/2″
Tile Size (inches) (3mm) (4.5mm) (6mm) (9.5mm) (13mm)
1” x 1”x 1/4” 150 NA NA NA NA
3” x 3” x 1/4” 300 170 NA NA NA
4” x 4” x 1/4” 360 200 NA NA NA
6” x 6” x 1/4” 420 220 190 140 NA
8” x 8” x 1/4” 460 250 220 120 NA
12” x 12” x 3/8” 600 300 250 200 150
18” x 18” x 3/8” 900 600 500 300 NA

Caponi Performance Test

Water Repellency on Masonry and Natural Stone:

Method : SS-W-110C, weight gain, 24 hour Immersion
Result : 0.1% on Mortar Cube
: 0.0% on Concrete Brick
: 0.0% on Non-Sanded
: 0.0% on Sanded Grout
: 0.0% on Travertine Stone

Water Vapor Transmission:

Method : ASTM D1653 Method A
Result : 0.6 grains / sq ft / hour
: 10.8 grams/sq meter/24 hrs

Accelerated Weathering – QUV

Method : ASTM D4587, QUV-A, 5,000 hours
Result : Passes

Corrosion Weathering:

Method : ASTM D5894, 10 cycles, 3336 hours
Result : Rating 9 per ASTM D610 for rusting
: Rating 10 per ASTM D714 for blistering

Abrasion Resistant:

Method : ASTM D4060, CS17 wheel, 1000 cycles, 1 kg load
Result : 80 mg loss


Method : ASTM D4541
Result : 1283psi

Direct Impact Resistance:

Method : ASTM D2485
Result : 95 in. lb.


Method : ASTM D522, 180° bend, 1/4″ mandrel
Result : Passes

Pencil Hardness:

Method : ASTM D3363
Result :  F-H

Exterior Durability:

Method : 1 year at 45° South
Result :  Excellent, chalks

VOC: 400 g/L; 3.33 lb/gal

Acid & Alkali Resistance Tests:

Each was allowed to react for 24 hours under a watch glass, washed
with water, allowed to recover for 30minutes then observed.


5% Tide ………….………….. No effect

2% Ivory flakes ……………… No effect


5% Citric Acid……………….. No effect

100% Milk……………………No effect

5% HCL ………….……….…. No effect

5% Phosphoric Acid ………….No effect

Mustard ………….…………. Slight stain

Ketchup …………………….. No effect

Questions about Caponi – The Epoxy Grout Sealer?
We have answers.

Does Caponi come in colors?

Color is premixed in ‘part A’ with the pigments and we have over 40 colors.

Does Caponi have a smell?

Yes. We added a lavender fragrance to Caponi to mask the chemical smell. Caponi is a solvent base sealer..

How long will we have to apply Caponi since it is a two part catalyst?

Working time can range from 3-4 hours to apply.

Can Caponi be scrubbed with a grout brush?

Caponi is the only epoxy grout sealer that can be scrubbed.

Caponi is thick, is there a way to thin the product?

Caponi is formulated with high solids to make the sealer the most durable. We have Alco thinner which will thin the product, not recommended to thin in shower or underwater applications.

Can Caponi be used on non-sanded, sanded and epoxy grouts?

Of course. Caponi bonds to epoxy grout with its 1283psi adhesion.

What do we use to clean Caponi off the tiles?

Wipe the sealer off the tiles as you go with your finger (wearing latex gloves). Use the Alco thinner to clean up any residue that will not come off.

How do we dispose off Caponi?

Pour the left over sealer, back in the aluminum bottles, and dispose in trash. Caponi will harden within hours and transform to a solid product.

Caponi Color Epoxy Grout Sealer
Caponi - Epoxy Grout Sealer

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