The simplicity of polishing stone.
In a polishing powder.

Designed for those who defy limits and change the way stone polishing is performed. It produces a 600 grit and finishes at a 3000 grit polishing compound of brightness for spectacular highlights, while delivering deep contrast in your stones true color. And the wide color gamut enables brilliant, true-to-life finishes. So no matter where you are, you’ll see your work in the best possible light.

Merano Specifications & Characteristics

Product Name:


Product Type:

Stone polishing compound

Safety Precautions and PPE: 

Safety should always be the number one priority. Before applying Merano you should always wear the correct PPE.

Dwell Times and Reapplication:

Once applied reacts in : < 1 second
Product quits working after : Depends on speed and friction.
Re-apply product : If more applications are needed – apply immediately.

Expected Time of  water polishing re-occurrence:

Will vary depending on the surface, type of area, surface wear, moisture, and amount of water that come in contact with the surface. Animals can scratch stone faster than most any other variable. The stone should be sealed to prevent etching of chemicals.

If the stone is sealed & maintained with pFOkUS’ – Enhancio, Naturello or Valore : 3-7 years

Enhancio >
Naturello >
Valore Maintenance >

Cleaning Products that work with Merano:

Imperia can and should be used to remove any left over Merano residue.
Imperia deep clean >

Application Temperatures:

Apply Merano between temperatures of 34° F ­ 97° F (1° C ­ 36° C).


Will vary depending on the surface, type of area, amount of efflorescence on the surface and depth of efflorescence within the surface.

4oz bottle – 130 sq ft
8oz bottle – 260 sq ft
16oz bottle – 517 sq ft

Handling & Storage:

Close container tightly after each use and store locked away in the original container only.

Store between temperatures of 34° F ­ 97° F (1° C ­ 36° C).

Shelf Life:

10 years.

Cleaning of Equipment:

Clean all applicators, tools and hands with soap and water immediately after use. Read all specs in the SDS sheet.

General Surface Preparation:

Protect all surrounding surfaces. Mist the the area with water. Apply Merano. Wash surface with water and then Imperia removing all residue.
Merano Directions >

Approved areas:

We have an entire page listed with the approved areas and how Merano is applied on each area.
Approved Areas >
Approved Areas >

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