Meet Merano.
A natural stone polish.

For decades marble factories have used Merano to achieve the high reflectivity finish that is seen on polished marble tiles and slabs. This stone polishing powder is used to achieve that super high finish. Used with water and a pFOkUS natural hair pad one can get excellent results without any stone polishing experience. Merano will remove etching and scratches of marble, travertine, limestone and more. Learn more about Merano stone polish below……

Polishing your stone to the
best and brightest.

Say hello to the new way of polishing natural stone without diamonds. Inspired by the best of pFOkUS. Transformed by the formulation of compounds and powders. Merano is the best and most powerful stone polishing formula ever made. Merano makes tackling these intense etching problems become easy with a tool or by hand. That’s the power of chemist and passion — all designed together.

Merano polishes almost all
natural stones.

Use on travertine, limestone and marble surfaces other than green marble as a final polishing step or to re-polish areas affected by etching or mild abrasion. Can be used on floors, countertops or walls.
Merano approved surfaces >

How to polish marble.
How to polish most natural stone.

Formulating a product to polish natural stone wasn’t enough – we needed to make it easier for everyone to use. Merano gives you the control that polishes circles around other products. The new Merano polishing pad brings together speed, fluidity, and precise control with a pressured touch.
Merano directions >
Merano polishing pad >
Sentura approved surfaces >

Merano Specs & Coverage

Merano specifications, coverages, dwell times and more as these are all altered by the surface. This link will also give you a better idea on how much Merano to purchase on tackling the new restoration project that you are up against.
Merano specifications >
Sentura approved areas >

Merano polishing pad.

The Merano polishing pad was perfectly calibrated to hold the powder of Merano. Adjusting the friction settings is the best way to get the results. Merano now works with all velcro pads.
Merano polishing pad >

A Merano video is
just a tap away.

The Merano stone process is the easiest system to polish natural stone. Any homeowner can now restore their stone.
Watch Merano video >

We have answers.

Does Merano come with a Merano pad?

No. They can be purchased on our site with links above.

Can Merano remove water dot etching on my marble stone?

Yes. Merano will restore the finish to a new look with ease.

My travertine floor is dull, will Merano make it look new again?

Yes. We do not recommend polishing by hand, rather a polisher or a floor machine.

Does Merano have a bad smell?

Merano has a light smell but dissipates fast.

Other products state they remove etching but I didn’t get my results?

Merano, unlike other products will remove all the mineral deposits and etching a leaving a great sheen behind.

How much Merano do I need to polish my countertop?

Please go to our specification page listed above.

Does Merano take out deep scratches?

Removes fine scratches caused by wear from foot traffic and other adverse environmental conditions.

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