Glass setting blocks. The building blocks to a successful installation.

All glass should only be installed on soft setting blocks – not tile, metal, cultured marble or mortar. The burden of installing glass – most shower enclosures do not come with setting blocks to place under the glass. We built kits with different sizes to meet all your needs. Stack them, stick them or lay them down.

Crystal clear blocks of different sizes.

Not all gaps under the glass are going to be the same. Most shower curbs are never at a uniform level. Even if the u-channel is installed, the glass needs to be leveled. Different sizes should be used in the u-channel to level the glass. Using clear shims under the glass with no u-channel is a must.

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Our setting glass setting blocks are clear and look very similar to glass. Made of a clear urethane, they will not crack, discolor nor chip. We have pre-taped setting blocks and regular setting blocks. The pre-taped setting blocks can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. You can view all of our kits by clicking the link below.

Our kit includes:
Standard Length 2″ and 1/4” wide
Thickness 1/32″, 1/8”, 1/4” and 3/8”
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Setting blocks can be used as shims.

View how our setting blocks help close large gaps under the shower door by placing the setting blocks into the sweep and using them as shims.

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Add a hydrophilic sealant to your glass.

Selecting the right shower door glass sealant is extremely important. Valore takes the guesswork out of finding the right cleaner and sealer for the glass. It is a versatile product that not only cleans the door while prepping the surface – it also seals the glass.

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