Frameless seamless glass shower door sweep

Crystal clear and nothing
short of a great shim.

Not all gaps under the shower door are the same. Some may angle one way or another. Using the clear shims will angle the shower door sweep to follow the angle of gap. Our DS99 comes in many sizes and are stackable:

Our kit includes:
Standard Length 2″ and 1/4” wide
6 of the 1/32″ thick shims
4 of the 1/4″ thick shims
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Frameless seamless glass shower door

We know how frustrating it is when water is leaking from under your shower door and all you need is that extra 1/8” to fill the gap. The shims are clear and will help extend your shower door sweep down so it will close the gap. We carry a full line of shower door sweeps and seals that simply push onto the bottom of the shower door. Our sweeps are not constructed of inexpensive plastic – rather polycarbonate which is thinker and better at every measure.
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Preserve your shower
glass and door sweep.

Finding the right shower door glass cleaner and sealer is extremely important, but can sometimes be a bit tricky. Valore takes the guesswork out of selecting the right cleaner and a sealer for glass. Valore is versatile product and can be used with all clear glass indoors or out. Not to mention sanitizing, protecting, sealing and cleaning – its like a maid in a can.
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