Waterproof Double Sided Tape

Waterproof double sided tape made for shower glass doors.

Most all of our shower door seals come pre-taped for your convenience. For the seals that don’t, we have the strongest waterproof tape on the market that works in perfect unison with shower glass. It sticks to glass and metal surfaces, that ordinary tapes can’t bond.

2 sizes that fit perfect
on any thickness glass.

We Carry 1/4” and 1/2“ waterproof double sided tape which comes in a 36’ (11m) roll. Shower glass comes in the sizes below.

Thickness of glass
1/4” (6mm) 1/4 tape
5/16” (8mm) 1/4 tape
3/8” (10mm)1/4 tape
1/2” (12mm) 1/2 tape
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Waterproof Double Sided Tape | pFOkUS
Waterproof Double Sided Tape

Clear. waterproof.
flexible. quality.

pFOkUS® Tape has taken glass shower door tape to a new level. DS200 waterproof double sided tape surpasses ordinary waterproof tapes, making the list of uses virtually endless. Made with double thick adhesive, strong reinforced flexible material, and a tough temperature tolerant shell, it’s the strongest, toughest thing ever to happen to the shower door industry.
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Shower Door Seals

Clear. waterproof.
flexible. quality.

pFOkUS® shower door seals have taken your leaking shower to a water tight and stress-free area. Imagine no puddles outside of the shower, destroying the area around the shower door. We carry quality seals made of polycarbonate and vinyl.
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Water spots on
glass are a burden.

Many of pFOkUS® products are formulated for the end user givening ease of use. Restoring your glass enclosure makes the entire shower look new again.
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Benaz - Water Spot Remover
Valore Glass Sealer

Maintenance made
easy for your glass.

Sealing glass is the key to low maintenance. With Valore – a cleaner and sealer, simply apply the solution to your shower glass and wipe clean. Valore® will seal your shower glass instantly and the water will sheet off the surface with ease. Newly installed glass simply just apply Valore® to the surface and with older glass, use Benaz® to remove all the etching, damage and water dots.
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