DS101 Frameless Shower Door Seal

DS101 Frameless Shower Door Seal

Flexible fin prevents water from escaping,
90 degree angles can be a nightmare if there is a large gap between the shower glass door and the panel. Our DS101 seal is the only shower door seal to prevent corners from leaking. DS101 frameless shower door seal comes in a couple glass sizes.
32” and 36” Lengths.

Thickness of glass
5/16” (8mm)
3/8” (10mm)
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DS101 Frameless Shower Seal
DS101 Frameless Shower Door Seal Replacement

Introducing our most
flexibility 90 degree seal.

The key to our DS101 frameless shower door seal – deflect the water from leaking out of the corner. Notice the picture above – the shower door is closed and the picture to the left shows the dooring opening.

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Other Shower Companies Sweeps vs pFOkUS Sweeps

pFOkUS® glass shower door sweeps and seals are constructed of polycarbonate — the highest quality material with flexibility preventing simple cracks. Imported sweeps are molded with cheaper and less expensive plastics. Polycarbonate has more of a natural look, easily wipes, and holds to the glass better.
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Restoring shower
glass became easy.

Benaz is formulated with biodegradable products to remove water spots and etching damage across your glass shower door and enclosure. Within seconds your glass will go from old to new with a fresh new look.
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Benaz - Best Cleaner for Glass Shower Doors
Valore Shower Glass Protector

A glass sealer with a
hydrophilic nature.

Imagine a shower glass door that does not have to be squeegeed after each use and prevents water spot etching. With Valore – a cleaner and sealer, simply spray the solution on your glass shower door once every 3 weeks while cleaning your shower and enjoy your clear crystal shower glass door.
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Questions about DS101?
Here are our answers.

How do I clean my shower door sweep?

Simply pull down on your shower doors sweep, removing it from the glass. Clean the sweep with Valore and reinstall it.

How do I use the clear pFOkUS blocks?

Place the clear block in the shower door sweep. Shower door shims >

How do I cut my sweep to fit my door?

We sell sweep cutters to cut through the thick polycarbonate.

If the flexible fin is to long, what shall I do?

The soft fin on the sweep can be trimmed with scissors.

If calcium build-up is present on my shower door, how do I remove it?

Remove all the calcium on your shower glass and sweep with Benaz.

How long should my sweep last?

Depending on hard water and tiles with lippage – most sweeps should be replaced every couple years. Lippage in tile can tear the soft fins.

How do I know my glass size?

We built a measurement page just for you. Measuring shower glass >

Why pFOkUS’s shower glass door sweeps, wipes and seals?

pFOkUS uses the finest quality materials that not only give the shower door sweeps strength they also help eliminate yellowing over time.

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