DS8184 framed
glass shower
door seals

36” lengths
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DS8184 Framed Glass Shower Door Seals
DS8184 Framed Glass Shower Seals

Framed glass shower door
seals are replaced easily.

Our DS8184 framed glass shower door seals can be easily removed and very easy to replace. Just simply slide your old shower door seal out and slide the new one in. We also carry more designs if you click the link.
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Seal & Drip Rail.

Sometimes it is easier to replace the drip rail on the glass door. The drip rail is installed with double sided tape and takes only minutes to install. Anytime you need to replace the seal in the future, we keep in tract of all part numbers.
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Aluminium Shower Door Drip Rail

Restore your shower
glass to brand new.

Before replacing your framed glass shower door seal, try our Benaz water dot and etching remover. Simply pour some on the applicator and massage the glass door.
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Valore Glass Sealer

Seal the shower glass
door and panels.

Valore will prep the glass and seal it at the same time. Instantly, you can shower after application and the water will sheet off the glass..
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Questions about DS8184?
Here are our answers.

How do I use my pFOkUS block shims?

Use the blocks to shim the drip rail if needed. Shower door shims >

What color is the shower door seal?

The seal is clear in color.

How do I cut the DS8184 framed glass shower door seals to fit my door?

Use a pair of scissors or a utility knife.

How do I remove calcium build-up on my glass shower door?

Remove all the calcium with Benaz. Only one bottle is needed.

How long should my seal last?

Most seals should be replaced every 5 years. Doors that are not correctly adjusted will loose longevity.

How do I know my glass size?

We have directions and pictures on how to measure glass. The only measurement you will need is the length. Measuring shower glass >

How do I know what seal to use?

Match your old seal design with one of our seal pictures after you remove it.

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