Framed Shower Door Parts

Framed glass shower door
drip rails and seals.

Drip rails and the replacment seals are the only two items that prevent a shower door from leaking. Framed enclosure have metal rails holding the glass together unlike frameless glass enclosures which are all glass with no metal. The drip rails are easy to install with the super adhesive pre-installed pFOkUS® double sided tape. The replacment seal simply slides into the frame from the side of the drip rail on the shower door.

DS203 Chrome Framed Drip Rail Shower Door Sweep Seals wipe Replacement metal Piece pFOkUS Quality

High quality framed
shower door drip rails.

With powerful features, built-in bottom seal, and endless gutter to direct the water to the shower drain, our shower door drip rails are the thickest aluminum drip rails built. In a variety of sizes, colors and lengths that will fit any size framed glass shower door. From powerful machinery to innovative software, pFOkUS® empowers the shower door industry to manufacture the highest quality products. Click the link below to see our collection of finishes and purchase your drip rail.
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Quality framed glass shower door
drip rail replacment seals.

Made from the same durable, lightweight materials as our shower door sweeps are made from. Our shower door seals dramatically improve the most important aspects of the shower door – preventing leaks. experience. It introduces advanced new clarity and durability performance. And they look every bit as quality as the image to the right shows. Click the link below for our entire collection.
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framed shower door seals pFOKUS quality
packaging shower door leaking threshold

Protecting your framed
shower door drip rails & seals.

Crystal clear packaging for easy measurements and viewing of the products without opening the package. The thick 7m plastic sleeve prevents scratching and protects the lush finish. of the drip rails. Shipping was our first thought to the best customer service, not an afterthought.

Questions on Drip Rails?
Here are our answers.

Are the the drip rails powder coated?

Some are powder coated and the brushed nickel is not, as the aluminum is
made to look like brush nickel.

How does the drip rails attach, mine currently has screws?

We only use the pFOkUS® pre-installed tape to adhere the drip rails. You can drill the aluminum and use screws but it is not needed.

How do I cut the drip rail to fit my framed glass shower door?

Use a hand held, fine tooth hex saw to cut thru the aluminum.

Do all the seals fit the shower door drip rails?

No you need to remove your old seal and then look at the pattern of the piece that slides into the door. If no sweep is present then simply look at the groove in the drip rail in which the door seal would slide into.

Once I remove my old shower door drip rail, how do I clean the door?

Every drip rail comes with pFOkUS® alcohol pads to clean the metal on the door before you adhere the drip rail.

What is the exact replacment seal for pFOkUS’ drip rails?

DS9399 is the drip rails replacment seal for all of the drip rails we supply and sell. DS9399 drip rail replacement seal >


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