You’ll want to restore something because of Benaz.

The industry needed a cleaning product any one can use, from a homeowner to professional contractors. With this mindset we are able to eliminate all water spots, etching sap, soap scum and rust with one product. Next, aggregate is added to take over most all work polishing the surface while cleaning at the same time. Note: Always perform a test area before applying over the surface.

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Step 1. Always wear PPE.

We recommend you wear the correct PPE using Benaz or any pFOkUS products. Safety is always the number one goal. We recommend wearing gloves, eye protection and boots or shoes.

Step 2. Methods of applying Benaz.

1. Sprayers:  Benaz can be diluted with 4oz Benaz to 32oz of hot water for larger areas. Diluting weakens the strength of Benaz -results may take longer to achieve. Shake well until all the Benaz is dissolved in the water.
2. Straight:  We recommend using Benaz straight because its at its best.
3. Paint Brush:  Mix Benaz with water and apply with a paint brush. 2oz Benaz to 16oz of hot water. Stir well until all the Benaz is dissolves in the water.
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Step 3. Applying Benaz to the surface.

1. Sprayers: Spray Benaz on the surface and allow to dwell about 5 minutes. If Benaz drys on the surface in the 5 minutes wet the pad before buffing.
2. Straight: Apply Benaz to the applicator pad and start buffing the surface.
3. Paint Brush: Brush Benaz on the surface and allow to dwell about 5 minutes. If Benaz drys on the surface in the 5 minutes wet the pad before buffing.
1. Small bottle 130 sq ft Depending on application type
2. Medium bottle 260 sq ft Depending on application type
3. Large bottle 517 sq ft Depending on application type

Step 4. Methods of agitation.

1. By hand: Use pressure as you rub in a circle motion with a workable area of about 2’ x 2’ until the stains or water spots are gone. Use the Final Cleaning process.
2. Polisher: We recommend a polisher 4” or 7” that has variable speed. The reason being – friction mixed with Benaz is what causes the product to polish faster and remove etching. Most all polishers come with a Velcro pad, if yours doesn’t have one we suggest you order one at your local hardware store. Adjusting the polisher 800-1200 rpm gives a nice consistent speed and doesn’t sling Benaz all over. Use the same Final Cleaning process above. Use the Final Cleaning process.
3. Floor Machine: Floor machines can be rented at a local hardware store or most all contractors own one. A floor machine works best for very large floors. The floor machine will work just fine without weights, it will just take more time. The floor machine works best with a driver which holds the green or white pads. Scrub brush pads work very similar. Use the Final Cleaning process.

Step 5. The final step of the
Benaz restoration.

Final polish with a scratch free pad. This process buffs off any leftover residue bringing the surface to a like new finish.

1. By Hand: buff with a back and forth circle motion at a fast pace.
2. Polisher: Place the pad to the Velcro and lightly mist the pad with water. Run the polisher at high rpm 2600-3500 and move across the surface at a steady pace. Move back and forth covering the surface with at least 3 passes.
3. Floor Machine: Place the pad on to the driver and mist the pad with water. Buff the floor moving across the flow slowly, buffing off any residue and adding an extra shine.
4. Rinse with Water: Wash the area clean with water (make sure there is not a surface that will be damaged by the run-off of the Benaz.)

Protection is what counts.
So, we count on Protection.

We offer many types of sealers depending on your surface. There is no one sealer that is great for every surface. Browse thru our sealers or give us a call and talk to one of our specialist.
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