A polisher and cleaner
made for each other.

Traditionally, we have relied on power tools to remove corrosion, stains, etching and water dots off tubs, glass fixtures and tile. With the new polishing compound fused into the formulation, we looked ahead and engineered – Benaz. Not only does it feature the state-of-the-art calcium deposit remover – it features biodegradable ingredients. Learn more about our tub, tile and glass cleaner – Benaz,  below……

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The quality behind a powerful cleaner.

From the first time you open the package, everything is designed to be easy and intuitive. In fact, Benaz does so many things, you don’t need any other cleaner at all. We took a low acidic base solution and formulated it with a pleasant fragrance . Benaz will react with any soap scum, calcium and neutralize itself while attacking. Benaz – a high quality soap scum and water spot remover will make any surface look new again that has been damaged with water spots.

Removing water spots,
soap scum, rust, and sap.

Water spot, soap scum, rust and sap, algae, damage many surfaces, so the development of Benaz has never been so needed. Benaz works on all pools, showers, steam rooms, floors, exterior areas, stone that is not acid-sensitive, bath tubs, glass, automotive, boats and more. Click the link to learn more.
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Directions & Applying Benaz.

A pure biodegradable formulation blended in a bottle packs an unprecedented amount of power, dissolving mineral deposits, soap scum and sap. Our chemical ingredients make it easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly to get the results you desire in a restoration.
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Benaz Specs & Coverage

Benaz specifications, coverages, dwell times and more as these are all altered by the surface. This link will also give you a better idea on how much Benaz to purchase on tackling the new restoration project that you are up against.
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A Benaz video is just a tap away.

Whatever pFOkUS product you feel like watching — a Benaz application, a floor cleaning, or a natural stone sealant — we keep videos organized and ready for your knowledge. Browse our library for something educational to watch as we are constantly updating with new videos.
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Questions about Benaz?
Here are our answers.

Does Benaz come with a pad for cleaning?

Yes. We provide a pad with the smaller Benaz bottles.

Can Benaz remove water dots off bathroom fixtures?

Yes. Benaz will restore the finish to a new look with ease.

My tub has stains on the bottom which will not come out, any idea?

Yes. Benaz will restore the finish on your tub to a new look – hence the paint is not gone. Benaz is used by many bathtub restoration companies.

Does Benaz have a bad smell?

Benaz is biodegradable with a spearmint smell. The surface will smell great.

Other products state they remove water dots as well, why use Benaz?

Benaz , unlike other water spot removers will remove all the mineral deposits and etching left behind from the mineral deposits.

Will Benaz damage the paint on my car?

There are many types of paints with different qualities. We recommend dry buffing the glass after the use of Benaz glass cleaner and it will never come in contact with the paint.

Does Benaz damage the fiberglass on the boat?

Benaz is used on many fiberglass surfaces with no damage. We strongly recommend performing a test area using our glass cleaner.

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