Granite countertop cleaner and sealer.

Granite countertops come in many colors and finishes. Polished stones are sealed and cleaned with a different product than honed or dull finishes. We manufacture an entire line of granite countertop cleaner and sealer. Below you will learn how to maintain all types of granite countertops.
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pFOkUS Granite Rock
Polisher Granite Countertop

Cleaner and sealer for
polished granite countertops.

Polished granite is easier to maintain than honed, natural, brushed and flamed. These finishes all have a dull finish and need a stronger cleaner and sealer as they are more accessible to stains. Polished granite is easier sealed with Valore – a water based sealer. Valore not only seals the surface, it is formulated with detergents to prepare and clean the stone at the same time. It creates a hydrophobic surface creating water to not bead up, which assists in preventing water spots.
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Granite coutertop sealer - Valore
Granite Countertop Cleaner and Sealer

Choosing the correct granite countertop cleaner and sealer.

Granite is a very durable non-acid sensitive stone. Honed and dull granite is more porous and retains moisture quicker than polished leaving it accessible to staining easier. Imperia is used to deep clean granite removing oils and impurities prepping the stone for a sealant. Benaz is only used if certain stains cannot be removed by Imperia.
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Naturalo Granite Countertops Sealer Cleaner
Enhancio Granite Countertops Sealer Cleaner Best #1

Granite sealers for
dull and honed finishes.

Honed and dull finished granite stone is more porous than polished, which needs to be sealed with an oil based sealer. There are two types of solvent based sealants, which are approved for non-polished granite while both achieve different finishes – Naturalo (natural look sealant) and Enhancio (enhancer sealer). Both sealers protect against chemical, beverages and food stains including oils, grease and water base. They both are extremely easy to apply and maintain.
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Repairing etched granite countertops.
Don’t take it for granite.

Once a hot pan is placed on granite, the polyester resin can turn into a white color and look very similar to an etched mark. Polyester resin is used to prevent breakage on the stone shipped from over seas. Enhancio can bring back the color, but not the sheen. The color of granite changes when dipped into the resin to a more enhanced look.
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pFOkUS Etched Granite Countertops
Natural Granite Countertops

Maintaining granite countertops.
Cleaner and sealer in one bottle.

Once you have successfully sealed granite stone, it’s now protected from daily spills and stains. However, granite sealants are compromised, when you clean the stone with general alkaline and acidic cleaners. Valore kit provides a cleaner and a sealer with H2O2 to help disinfect granite countertop.
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Questions about Granite Countertop Cleaner and Sealer?
We have answers.


Why is a water based sealer recommended for polished granite, while a solvent based sealer is recommended for honed or dull finishes?
Polished granite is more dense with a lower absorption rate. Valore, a water based sealer is the best product to use, because it’s formulated with a molecular sealant that bonds to the surface.

How often does granite have to be sealed?
If, maintained with Valore maintenance:
1. Valore Sealant – Once sealed then not again.
2. Naturalo Sealant – Once sealed then not again.
3. Enhancio Sealant – Apply the sealer once every 3-5 years.

How should I apply the sealer?
We sell applicator pads to apply all the sealants. For Valore Maintenance, use a lent free towel, spray and wipe dry.

Does the sealants have an odor?
Valore has a lavender scent while Enhancio and Naturalo have a solvent scent, which dissipates with in hours in a well ventilated area.

How long before we can use the countertops after being sealed?
With in one hour the countertops can be used and all belonging placed back.

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