Sentura 2 part epoxy/resin.
Mixing directions.

SENTURA is a 100% solids, two component, non-sag, with excellent adhesion, physical properties, and ease of use. To blend Sentura you will need a few tools. The Sentura kit provides you with – Sentura part A and part B, wooden stick for mixing and an applicator bag. You will need a screw driver, mixing cup, gloves and Alco for clean-up and thinning.

Trim the applicator bag.

The applicator bag needs to be cut to allow the Sentura to flow through the bag once Sentura has been mixed together. The tip is one of the most important parts of an easy application. If the bag is cut too large, product would be wasted. Always cut the bag very similar to the size we cut in the pictures provided.
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Folding the applicator bag.

Its always better to fold your applicator bag over itself before mixing. Simply take the opening and fold it over the bag so its easy to place the Sentura into the applicator.

It’s time to apply.
And there is only so much.

Sentura is a 2 part epoxy/resin that catalyzes within certain times depending on the room temperature. The link below will show you all the specs on drying times.
Drying times >

Ready for application.

Always apply all the Sentura from the bag before smoothing any Sentura that has been applied.

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