Caponi pigmented grout sealer. Directions, mixing and perfection.

Caponi is the strongest grout sealer in the industry. From the spec sheets off the charts, to setting a new standard, no other sealer can compare to this formulation. Learn below how to apply Caponi – 2 part pigmented resin/epoxy solvent base sealer.

Trim the paint brush if needed.

Trimming a pFOkUS brush with a razor knife can be a bit tricky. Here are a few tips to follow. Trim the brush on one side only, cut the edges on a 45° angle, trim the bristles very close to the metal part and cut through until you reach the wood. Now cut any uneven bristles that are not in straight line. Only use pFOkUS’ paint brush, Caponi has a very high adhesion and will pull the bristles off cheaper and less expensive brushes.
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Mixing Caponi part A & B.

Shake both of the Caponi bottles very well. Pour all contents of Part A & B into a wax/paper cup. Mix thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. Temperatures affect drying times of the product, the warmer the product, the faster the it catalyzes.
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Dipping the pFOkUS brush in the
Caponi to prevent build-up.

Built on a rock-solid 2-part solvent titanium resin-epoxy foundation, Caponi can become a bit dry and build-up on the brush. It’s always better practice to dip the brush to the same point on the brush, because the Caponi will emulsify and help prevent build-up. Always dip the brush to the level in the picture and wipe twice on the cup.
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Caponi color seal pattern to follow.

Follow the grid pattern in the image below. Showers: start from top to the bottom and right to left around the shower. Floors: Always start at the farthest point in the room and seal your way out. Seal about 1 to 4 tiles at a time depending on the size, in a back and forth long steady motion.
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Get down. Seal up.

Caponi’s 1283psi adhesion gives you serious bonding capabilities with endless possibilities. Keeping Caponi only in the grout joint is key. Under coverage of the grout will cause stains on all protected areas overtime. Over coverage leaves the floor with a terrible look which is almost impossible to get off the tiles once the sealant dries.

Wipe excessive Caponi
sealer off tiles as you go.

While applying the sealer to the grout, the best practice is to brush the sealant in the grout with a back in forth motion. During this process excessive sealant will overlap the edge of the tile. Simply, wipe the sealant off the edge of the tile with your finger and a damp towel. Caponi sealer will be very hard to remove if not wiped clean.

Keeping the brush clean.
Preventing build-up.

Unlike other manufacturers, we didn’t sell out and formulate a grout sealer on price. We use a high quality adhesion formulation. To keep the paint brush from build-up while sealing, simply spray each side of the paint brush (1-2 sprays per side) once every 15 minutes or so. Spraying or using too much Alco will make the sealant yellow over time, it will also break down the sealant compromising it’s strength and ability to catalyze.
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Correctly disposing of
Caponi grout sealer.

To protect the planet, we set strict standards on the disposal of used Caponi, going far beyond than normal. Caponi will catalyze and will become a solid, but they do need a place to cure out, so pour the left over seal back into the Caponi bottle and cap it.

We have answers.

Does Caponi come in colors?

Color is premixed in ‘part A’ with the pigments and we have over 40 colors.

Does Caponi have a smell?

Yes. We added a lavender fragrance to Caponi to mask the chemical smell. Caponi is a solvent base sealer..

How long will we have to apply Caponi since it is a two part catalyst?

Working time can range from 3-4 hours to apply.

Can Caponi be scrubbed with a grout brush?

Caponi is the only epoxy grout sealer that can be scrubbed.

Caponi is thick, is there a way to thin the product?

Caponi is formulated with high solids to make the sealer the most durable. We have Alco thinner which will thin the product, not recommended to thin in shower or underwater applications.

Can Caponi be used on non-sanded, sanded and epoxy grouts?

Of course. Caponi bonds to epoxy grout with its 1283psi adhesion.

What do we use to clean Caponi off the tiles?

Wipe the sealer off the tiles as you go with your finger (wearing latex gloves). Use the Alco thinner to clean up any residue that will not come off.

How do we dispose off Caponi?

Pour the left over sealer, back in the aluminum bottles, and dispose in trash. Caponi will harden within hours and transform to a solid product.

Caponi Color Epoxy Grout Sealer
Caponi - Epoxy Grout Sealer

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