DS9371-1 Frameless Shower Door Sweep

Largest glass door sweep gap.
With largest seal ever.

DS9371-1 frameless shower door sweep has the largest seal on the market today. Closing the largest gaps under your shower door, just became simple. Our DS9371-1 comes in many sizes – 32” and 36” lengths.

Thickness of glass:
5/16” (8mm)
3/8” (10mm)
How to measure glass>
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DS9371-1 Frameless Shower Sweep

Who said size does matter?
The larger the seal the better.

We are the only company in world to manufacture the extra long sweep for all the shower doors with large gaps. The DS9371-1 frameless shower door sweep is our most popular sweep among glass technicians and homeowners.
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As some things that simply were not possible before,
finding a company passionate about quality using only the finest materials. Polycarbonate is used to mold and create the exquisitely design sweeps which work in perfect unison with your shower door.

Make your shower
glass clear and we
mean- crystal clear.

Benaz will not only restore your glass to unbelievable clarity, it will on and unbelievable scale. Restoring your glass to reflect your new sweep, adds a nice touch.
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The Valore experience.
Try it yourself.

It’s Epic – to watch Valore’s adhere to your shower glass within seconds, blocking all hard water dot etching and mineral deposits from ruining your glass. Science meets Technology and results in a maintenance free shower eliminating the need for squeegeeing.
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Questions about DS9371-1?
Here are our answers.

Can I use the clear pFOkUS blocks to fill a larger gap?

Yes. Place them in the sweep and then push sweep on the bottom of the glass door. Shower door shims >

Can I use the sweep on the side of the glass door?

Yes but we only manufacture the sweep in a 32” and 36” length.

Will the sweep fit my door or will I have to cut it?

DS9371-1 frameless shower door sweep comes in many different sizes so you may have to cut it.

The fin is still not long enough, what shall I do?

We also have a nice collection of thresholds that adhere to the surface below the glass door. Shower door threshold collections >

What if the fin is too long?

The glass door sweep can be simply cut or trimmed with scissors.

Is the glass thickness hard to measure?

No we made it very simple for you. How to measure glass thickness >

Do I need tools to install the sweep?

No, not at all the glass door sweep simply pushes on the bottom of the shower door.

Is the DS9371-1 clear in color?

Yes the DS9371-1 glass door sweep is transparent.

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