DS32225 Frameless Shower Door Sweep

Lets figure out your
glass size first.

Our DS32225 frameless shower door sweep is our first door sweep we carried. With a flexible seal that is molded to the bottom of the shower door, this sweep is very durable. Not to mention the easy to push-on installation with not tape needed. DS3225 comes in: 32”, 36” or 95” lengths

Thickness of glass
3/8” (10mm)
1/2” (12mm)
How to measure glass >
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DS32225 Frameless Shower Sweeps
DS32225 Frameless Shower Sweep

Stop shower door
leaks with our DS32225.

If you have water leaking from underneath your shower glass door, its time to replace your door sweep with DS32225 frameless shower door sweep. The hard polycarbonate holds on to the glass door while the softer vinyl wipes the water off the surface when opening the shower door. We also carry thresholds that are made of aluminum if you have to fill a larger gap.

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 Other Companies Sweeps vs pFOkUS Sweeps

Quality is key in the fast pace world we live in. Replacing your glass shower door sweep with high quality DS32225 frameless shower door sweep we prevent water damage as it will last longer. There are very cheap imported sweeps flooding the market, which fall off you door and tear very easy.


Creating that stellar
clear glass look.

Creating such clarity starts with Benaz. Benaz will remove all the water dot etching with ease. Simply apply the applicator to the pad and massage the glass.
Benaz water dot remover >
How to remove water dots video >
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Valore Glass Sealer

Squeegeeing your glass
is a thing of the past.

Simply spray your shower glass with Valore and wipe dry. Water will sheet off instantly because Valore’s molecular bond to the glass on contact. If you had a newly installed shower glass enclosures or it’s very clean, simply just treat the glass with Valore. If your shower glass is etched, first use Benaz to remove all the mineral deposits and water dots. Valore is green and safe!
Valore glass sealer >
Glass sealer video >
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Questions about DS32225?
Here are our answers.

Is there a way to clean my shower door sweep?

Yes. Simply clean it with Benaz if mineral deposits are preseant.

What are the clear pFOkUS blocks?

The clear pFOkUs blocks assist you in shimming the sweep if needed.
Glass shims for sweeps >

How do I cut my sweep to fit my door?

We sell sweep cutters.

Can I trim the soft seal on the bottom of the sweep?

Yes, simply trim the soft seal with scissors.

I have white mineral deposits on my shower door, how do I remove it?

Mineral deposits are easily removed with Benaz. The sweep can be difficult to install with mineral deposits.

How long will my new glass sweep last?

Depending on the surface the soft seal moves over it should last 2-3 years.

How do I measure my shower glass thickness?

There is entire page built with directions and pictures. How to measure glass >

Are pFOkUS’s glass door sweeps, clear in color?

We consider our sweeps to be transparent. We try to get the best clarity and the sweeps are transparent.

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