DS9010 Frameless Shower Door Seal

DS9010 frameless shower door seal is a side seal for a shower glass door.

  • 32”, 36” or 98” lengths.
  • Easy installation with grip tight technology, simply pushes onto the side of the DS9010 frameless shower door seal or the side glass panel.
  • The soft fin cushions the glass door from slams.
DS9010 Frameless Shower Door Side Seal
DS9010 Frameless Shower Seal

A glass shower door seal
made with a cushion.

The DS9010 frameless shower door seal is the only shock resistant, raddle resistant and slam resistant, glass shower door seal. The DS9010 is only made for 5/16” thich shower glass.

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Other Company Sweep vs pFOkUS Sweep

Polycarbonate sets the standard in durability for shower door sweeps — it’s the most durable material yet. We do not sell cheaper imported plastic sweeps. Polycarbonate has more of a natural clear look, stronger, and will hold to the glass better.


Are water spots
covering your glass?

Benaz will remove all the etching and water spots with ease. Simply apply the Benaz to the applicator pad that comes with the kit and massage the your shower glass door and enclosure.
Benaz water spot cleaner >
remove soap scum video >
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Benaz - Water Spot Remover
Valore Glass Sealer

Prevent hard water spot
etching and corrosion.

We understand that squeegeeing or wiping down your shower glass door and enclosure takes to much time in the mornings. Valore glass cleaner and sealer, will not only seal the pores in the shower glass eliminating water dots and etching, it will clean you glass, giving a lush shine across the surface. Valore has a molecular technology, creating a hydrophilic surface causing water to sheet off the glass instead of beading off which creates water dots.
Valore shower glass protectant >
Shower glass sealant video >
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Questions about DS9010?
Here are our answers.

Is the DS9010 transparent?

Yes the shower door sweep is transparent and clear.

Are the clear pFOkUS blocks transparent?

Yes the blocks used to shim the sweep are transparent. Clear sweep shims >

Can I use scissors to cut the DS9010?

No. Our sweeps are durable and thick, so we sell sweep cutters.

Will the sweep stop my shower door from leaking?

We are unable to say yes or no. The sweeps are developed to deflect the water towards the shower.

Do you sell a product the will build up the tile to stop leaking?

We do have thresholds that are very classy and will adhere to the surface under the shower glass. Shower door thresholds >

We my shower door sweep last a couple years?

Yes most sweeps should be replaced every couple years. Lippage in tile can wear down the sweep faster.

Does the sweep push on or do I need waterproof tape?

The sweep simply pushes on the glass.

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