DS100 Frameless Shower Door Seal

DS100 Frameless Shower Door Seal.

  • 98″ long (8 feet long) for 3/8″ and 1/2” glass.
  • Comes pre-taped or the seal adheres with our DS200 double sided tape sold separate.
  • DS100 frameless shower door seal can be used with in-swing or out-swing.
  • Different length legs on the seal helps prevent water from escaping gaps between the door.
DS100 Frameless Shower Seal
DS100 Frameless Shower Door Side Seal

Two fins. Double the
deflection of water.

The image to the left was taken from the top of the shower door shooting down. Once the door is shut the double fins DS100 frameless shower door seal deflects the water not allowing it to escape the gap between the glass shower door and the glass side panel.
Pre-taped $15.74   Regular $13.56

DS100 Frameless Shower Door Seal - Pre Taped


98” length


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DS200 - Waterproof Double Sided Tape

Decided the pre-tape was not for you?

DS200 is a very high quality double sided tape for all of our regular shower door seals. Leaving no comparison to inexpensive imported tapes, DS200 is also flexible with great elongation. We highly recommend purchasing pFOkUS® 36’ waterproof double sided tape made strictly for shower glass.
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Glass etching and
water dot remover

Benaz is engineered to remove hard water spots and etching. No matter how damaged the shower glass, Benaz will make the glass look new.
Benaz water dot remover >
How to remove water dots video >
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Valore Maintenance Cleaner

A glass sealer to
eliminate squeegeeing.

Valore – a cleaner and sealer, will seal your shower glass preventing water spots and etching. Use Benaz to remove all the etching and water dots before applying Valore. If the glass is in good condition, simply just apply Valore.
Valore glass sealer >
How to seal shower glass video >
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Questions about DS100?
Here are our answers.

How do I clean the glass edge before installing the side seal?

Simply use the pFOkUS cleaning pad that is included with every seal. We recommend sealing the glass afterwards with Valore. Glass sealer >

Is the pre-taped seal easier to install than the double side tape?

Most defiantly the pre-taped is easier to install on the shower door.
Pre-taped shower door seals >

How do I cut my sweep to fit my door?

Scissors or a box cutter knife will work just fine.

If calcium build-up is present on my shower door, how do I remove it?

The calcium build-up on your glass can cause issues installing your sweep.
Remove all the calcium with Benaz. Water spot remover >

How long should my seal last?

Depending on hard water and tiles with lippage – most sweeps should be replaced every couple years. Also depending if all oils are removed (with the pFOkUS pad that is included) before installation.

How do I know my glass size?

We have a directions and pictures on how to measure. Glass measuring >

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