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Zido efflorescence remover.

Directions – Brick & Concrete application.

Brick-efflorescence cleaner and remover

Why does my Brick have efflorescence?
Lets learn why first.

Before we get to the directions below, learn why your brick or concrete has efflorescence.
1. The water and calcium need air to evaporate creating efflorescence. The water penetrates through the surface and evaporates out brick and mortar.
2. Water is wicked up from the damp soil and rises through the brick and mortar by capillary action.
3. Damp Earth. The brick must be sealed with a solvent base sealer to prevent the process above from occurring. We use Celine sealer to lock out efflorescence. We list all the steps below:

Brick-efflorescence cleaner and remover

1: Applying Zido to the brick.

Now there’s an entire new way to remove efflorescence. After putting on all your PPE, apply Zido to the calcium and salts (efflorescence) on top of the brick. Zido will penetrate deep into the mortar eliminated all efflorescence. Repeat the application every 2- 4 minutes until the desired result are achieved. Pressure wash or rinse the area down once results are achieved. Multiple bottles will need to be purchased for larger areas. One bottle usually covers a 4’x 4’ area.
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Brick-Stairs-Efflorescence-Removal- and brick sealer
Brick-Stairs-Efflorescence-Removal- and brick sealer

2: Sealing the surface.

To prevent the efflorescence from growing back on the brick or concrete. It is best to clean the brick with Imperia then allow the surface to dry. Cover all plants around the area. Seal the area with a solvent based clear sealer. We sell Celine – which is a clear gloss topical or can be purchased in a natural look topical sealer. Simply spray two coats of the sealer on the brick and use a paint brush or an applicator to spread across the brick.
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Zido-kit - Brick - Efflorence cleaner kit
Zido-kit - Brick - Efflorence cleaner kit

3. Brick restoration kit.

The exquisitely designed kit comes with:
1- 8 oz Zido

Coverage 16-32 sq feet

1- 4 oz concentrated Imperia

Coverage 200 sq feet

1- 8 oz Celine solvent based clear brick sealant

Coverage 32 sq feet

1- 2.5” application brush for Celine.
One kit covers 16-32 sq feet depending on severity of the efflorescence. More Zido or Celine may need to be purchased to coverage a larger area.
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We have answers.

Does the Zido damage the brick?

No. Zido has not impact on the brick. It will etch concrete.

How much Zido do I need?

Most brick knee walls take 2-3 8 oz bottles of Zido. It is always a good idea to purchase extra.

If I don’t purchase the kit, when will the efflorescence grow back?

Its hard to give an exact time – usually 6 months to one year.

Will Zido damage all my plants and grass?

Zido neutralizes as it attacks the calcium. It is always best to saturate all plants and grass with water before you start cleaning with Zido.

How long will the process take to remove the efflorescence?

Less than 30 minutes per 50 sq feet.

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