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The future of chemistry is here.

With the advent of Valore and Sentura, many of the big innovations and newest technologies have focused on the smaller bottles that fit in your pockets or that fit in the palm of your hand. And our bigger bottles share similar technology and get an equally innovative experience. Beyond amazing chemicals, there are completely new experiences made specifically for the application of the best tile and grout cleaner. Who knows what the pFOkUS chemist will create and formulate next on such a grand scale.
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The innovation
behind pFOkUS vision.

We’re perfectionists. Inventors. Idealists. Forever tinkering with products and formulations while always on the lookout for quality. Whether one of our passionate chemist or knowledgeable programmers – original thinking and creativity flows through our DNA.
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Why pFOkUS?
There’s nothing quite like it.

We know our customer’s eye for detail and there demand of the best. Our best tile and grout cleaner will make surfaces look new again. They are formulated with the finest materials. And we know maintenance is what counts – so we count and maintenance products. Valore not only keeps the surface clean and sealed, it will also help to sanitize the area.
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Redesigned. Reinvisioned.

The idea behind pFOkUS has never wavered: to craft the ultimate product experience. The innovation, paired with high-performance raw materials, graphics, and solids— all within an incredibly thin, seamless aluminum enclosure. And that commitment continues with the all-new products we develop. Like the revolutionary Caponi — titanium grout sealer, it delivers such spectacular color quality that the grout around tiles seems to disappear.
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Caponi - Epoxy Grout Sealer

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