White Marble Bathroom Maintenance Tips

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Investing in marble flooring for your new bathrooms is definitely going to make your interiors look rich and elegant. But unfortunately, the sheen and brilliance of marble is very fragile. The natural stone is easily prone to staining and dullness as it is highly porous. Marble surfaces tend to get withered and worn over a period of time if not maintained properly. So, whether you are planning to get a white marble bathroom made or restore a new one, here are some maintenance tips that can be helpful.

White Marble Bathroom Maintenance tips - pFOkUS

But before you read about these services, let us know why marble stone gets dull over time.

What Factors Affect the Sheen of Marble Stone after Some Time?

  • Like all natural stones, marble is highly porous. It easily absorbs dirty mop water, moisture, spills from soaps and shampoos. The absorbed moisture also leads to mold and mildew breeding, which leaves a greenish black residue over the stone.
  • Marble also sheds dust. This leads to dullness as the outer coat of the stone sheds off.
  • Many people use acidic cleaners on the surface, which lead to severe etching on the surface.
  • Acidic food and beverage spills on the surface also lead to staining and etching.
  • Countertops made from marble often look scratched and dull over a period of time due to cutting and chopping of vegetables on the platform.
  • The flooring in marble showers often gets covered with soap scum build up and hard water stains, making the surface look dull and yellow.
  • The natural stone also is prone to cracks and chips, which further deteriorate its look. These chips make water stagnant in the pits, further leading to mold breeding and dullness.

All these factors affect the marble stone and contribute in losing its sheen. But now we will guide you how to maintain a white marble bathroom so that it retains its sheen forever.

White Bathroom Marble Maintenance Tips:

  • Clean your marble bathroom with a marble-approved bathroom cleaner

marble-approved bathroom cleaner- pFOkUS - Imperia Deep Clean

Do not use any cleaner that comes in your hand while cleaning your marble bathroom. It may be acidic and can easily etch the surface. The right white marble cleaner would be a marble-friendly product that penetrates the pores, rips of existing sealers and gets rid of hidden stains and mold from the root.

If you have never sealed your marble and want to clean it, then you can try Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS. It will remove dirt, stains and mold from the root.

  • Retract any Existing Water Pits and Keep the Surface Dry at all Times

Water stagnation is the main cause of mold development. If you let mold breed, it will lead to health hazards and will also turn your white marble bathroom into a dirty-looking greenish-black surface. Not to mention the smell mold reeks off.

Always retract water from showers after use and mop your bathrooms dry everyday.

  • Do not Use Abrasives to Clean the Marble Tile or Grout

Abrasives are the biggest villains for marble maintenance. They easily cause scratches on the surface. Once the scratches form, water stagnates inside and leads to mold. Abrasive cleaners also take away the sheen of your marble tile.

You can clean your marble tile with a good-quality grout and tile brush from pFOkUS. The bristles are strong enough to remove the stains, and yet gentle enough not to cause scratches on the surface.

  • Seal your marble tile after deep-cleaning

Marble floor Sealing - Celine - pFOkUS

While deep-cleaning helps to get rid of stains, it also makes the surface vulnerable to further moisture absorption and staining. After deep-cleaning, let your white marble bathroom dry completely. Then, seal it with a good white marble sealer to shut the pores and create a water-proof layer on the surface. This will prevent further moisture-absorption. Hence, the surface will remain clean and shining for long.

You can try sealing the surface with Celine – tile and grout sealer from pFOkUS. It also renders a brilliant natural sheen to marble surfaces.

  • Polish your white marble bathroom surfaces if you want to restore it just like new

Polish your white marble bathroom surfaces if you want to restore it just like new

If you find your white marble bathroom turning yellow and dirty, then do not worry! There are ways to restore it to perfection, remove the yellow stains and etch marks also.

Polishing the surface with Celine after sealing will not only help you get rid of scratches and etch marks, but will render a dazzling sheen to your bathrooms just like it was new.

Marble is a delightful tile to install in your bathrooms. It is many people’s dream to have a luxurious looking white marble bathroom. So now, you need not worry about maintaining a marble bathroom. These maintenance tips will help you keep it shining like new always.


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