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Which is the Best Cleaner for Marble or Travertine Floors

SEO pFOkUS, August 20, 2021

Both marble and travertine are natural stones that have a porous structure. Floors made from these natural stone tile easily absorb water and moisture and allow mold and mildew breeding at the root level. To remove all the traces of stubborn stains and mold from the root, you need a deep-penetrating cleaner that enters the pores easily. In this blog, we shall discuss the ideal and best floor cleaner for such stone tiles.

Best Cleaner for Marble or Travertine Floors - imperia deep clean from pFOkUS

First, let us understand the cleaning issues with marble and travertine stone tile.

Problems with Cleaning Marble Stone Tile:

  • Marble stone is permeable like other natural stones. Any liquids penetrating inside tend to invite mold and mildew occurrence. Moreover, even dirt penetrates inside and mixes with moisture to form dense stains.
  • Mold and mildew breeding inside the pores quickly spread on the entire surface, leaving a nasty looking yellowy mark which eventually turns greenish black..
  • The food and beverage spills on the surface quickly penetrate inside the pores leaving a permanent and deep-rooted stain.
  • Acidic cleaners may cause etching on the surface. When food spills on the etched part, it forms a nasty looking yellowish stain, which is hard to clean by regular wiping.

Problems with Cleaning Travertine Stone Tile:

  • Travertine, being a natural stone, is highly porous. The porosity factor enables water to penetrate deep within leading to unhygienic conditions. Any food or liquid spills on the surface penetrates deep within the stone leading to mold and mildew formation.
  • Another issue with travertine is that it chips off due to heavy impact. Water gets collected in the pits, leading to mold formation. It is often tough to clean these hard to reach areas.
  • Acidic cleaners may penetrate deep inside the pores, but they cause etching on the surface.
  • Hard water stains easily form on the stone tile, which, if ignored, form dense patches of salt buildup that is very difficult to remove.

Some Important Tips for Cleaning your Marble and Travertine Floors so that the Stains Won’t get Yellowy and Deep-Rooted:

  • Stains on the surface are inevitable but you should refrain from spreading the spill to wipe it, instead, try and blot it using a tissue or a blotting paper as doing so will prevent the stains from spreading everywhere.
  • Do not use acidic cleaners to clean your surfaces as these will cause etching as it often leads to more pronounced stains.
  • A good quality marble floor cleaner should be used regularly to remove all the dirt, grime and dust accumulating on a daily basis. Similarly, for travertine tile cleaning also, one should use a daily cleaner to prevent stubborn stains. Such daily cleaners are known as maintenance cleaners.
  • Seal the surfaces to prevent staining and molding issues.

marble-approved bathroom cleaner- pFOkUS - Imperia Deep Clean

Which is the Best Cleaner for Deep Cleaning Marble or Travertine?

As the characteristics of both the stone tiles are similar in regards to cleaning, the best floor cleaner for these would be Imperia Deep Clean.

travertine floor tile cleaner - pFOkUS - Imperia Deep Clean


  • Imperia Deep Clean is alkaline and hence gentle on the surface. It does not damage the integrity of the surface.
  • This cleaner is a deep penetrating cleaner which not only removes stains, mold and mildew from the top of the surface but also at the root level.
  • It does not cause etching on the floor tile because it is alkaline in nature. This cleaner is gentle on the tile and harsh on stains and mold.
  • This best floor cleaner does not leave any residue or any chemical odor. It is extremely cost-efficient as it comes in a concentrated bottle and can be diluted upto 1 gallon.



  • One can use Imperia Deep Clean to remove stains, mold, mildew and sticky dirt from the stone tile and grout.
  • First, fill the sprayer bottle with the concentrated solution of the tile cleaner.
  • Next, fill the sprayer bottle with hot water upto 1 gallon. For deep cleaning floors with heavy mold and stains, fill upto ½ gallon only. Fill upto 1 gallon, if there are light stains and mold.
  • Fill a second sprayer bottle with hot water. This will be used to neutralize the surface and wash off Imperia Deep Clean from the walls.
  • Adding 8 oz of alcohol to the neutralizer will help dry the surface faster.
  • After solutions are ready, start spraying from top to bottom.
  • Spray on all the walls and floor and allow to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Re-apply Imperia and do not allow it to dry on the surface this time.
  • Scrub the grout lines and tile from front to back.
  • Re-apply Imperia on the walls.
  • Next, using the neutralizer, spray from top to bottom.
  • Next, retract the shower floor and the corners.
  • Follow the same process for the floor.
  • And allow it to dry before you begin with the sealing process.

So, buy this best floor cleaner from pFOkUS and take the hygiene of your marble or travertine flooring to the next level.


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