What To Do When Your Shower Door Starts Leaking?

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Leakage in shower doors is not good news! You might have spent a huge amount installing costly glass doors to separate your bathing area in your bathroom. The sole purpose of this is to keep the rest of the bathroom dry, but when the frameless shower doors begin leaking, the very purpose is contradicted. Some contractors might suggest you to change your doors, but common on, there might be a better solution! Well, of course there is a solution. You need to first find out the reason for the leakage and then accordingly invest in sweeps, seals or drip rails as per requirement. Read on further to know the procedure.

Find out the Source of the Leakage

You might be thinking that this is quite silly as the leakage is obviously coming from the water being accumulated at the door edges. Well, true, but this cascading water should be collected by the seals and then redirected back towards the drain by the drip rails attached at the bottom. Sometimes, the seals are working fine, but the drip rail is not installed properly, leading to leakage. Some other times, frameless shower door sweeps attached at the bottom are not installed properly and the water gushes out. The basic purpose of a side seal and a bottom seal is to contain the water in the shower within there and to prevent it from gushing out. Similarly, if you find shower door leaks at the bottom of the glass, then you need to install a sweep below. All these have to work in sync to prevent water from leaking out.

Solutions for Fixing the Leaks Under the Frameless Shower Door:

Leaks occur more in frameless doors and if you have an issue with your shower door seal, then you can invest in better and high-quality ones. The seals manufactured by pFOkUS are made from polycarbonate material. These come with a unique clarity and seamless design that effectively stop the leakage. These are also easy to attach to the bottom of your door. With better seals, you can always ensure a dry bathroom.

Glass Shower Door Seals from pFOkUS


This one is available in 98”, which is suitable for ⅜” and ½” glass. It comes in a pre-taped type variation and a regular one. The DS100 frameless shower door seal can be used in both out-swing or in-swing glass doors. There are different length legs on the seal which prevent water from escaping the gaps between the door.

DS100 frameless shower door seal | pFOkUS

2. DS108

DS108 door seal comes in pre-taped or regular type. The pre-taped one is easier to install than the regular one which needs a double sided tape to adhere to the seal. This one has a length of 98” in both types

3. DS107

This door seal comes in 98” length. It is available in both pre-taped and regular type. The seal easily adheres by using a double-sided tape. This particular variety is used for glass shower doors that swing in and out both and it can be used both on the front and back of the door. You will find this one with a rigid fin and a soft round bubble.

4. DS9397

This one is a T-shaped shower door side seal. It is available in 98” inches length for 3/16” and ½” glass. DS9397 seal adheres to the glass door with our DS200 double-sided tape which is sold separately. We also have a pre-taped frameless shower door seal for easy installation. This T-shaped seal is used for shower doors that swing both in and out. This can also be used as a shower door seal replacement for DS9371.

shower door seal replacement for DS9371 | pFOkUS

5. DS106

This one is available in 98 inches. It adheres to glass easily using a double sided tape. This shower glass seal can be used for glasses that swing in and out. It comes with a soft bubble that collapses with pressure.

6. DS105

This seal is available in 98 inches. It comes in pre-taped variety or easily adheres to the glass door using a double-sided tape. It can be used for glass doors that swing one way only. It has one rigid and one soft fin.

7. DS104

This 98 inches seal can be used on both the hinge side and also between the glass shower door and its side panel. It has a unique 90 degrees angle that prevents water from escaping gaps between the glass door.

8. DS9010

This one is available in sizes 32, 36 or 98 inches. It enables easy installation due to its tight grip. It easily pushes onto the side of the door seal or the side panel. The additional feature of soft fins prevent the glass from slams.

9. DS9000

This magnetic door seal is available in 32, 36 and 98 inches. It comes with magnetic strips that makes your glass enclosures waterproof.

10. DS9001

DS9001 frameless shower door seal is an inline panel seal that can be used on 180 degrees inline glass and also on door-to-door glass panel applications. Its soft vinyl flap provides a cushioning effect in door closure and also reduces noise. You can snap onto the fixed panel by pushing the seal over the glass. You will not require any tools for this installation unless you need to trim it to match your glass door size.

DS9001 frameless shower door seal- pFOkUS

11. DS200

This is a pFOkUS double-sided tape of 36 inches length. It is sold separately.

Tips for Shower Door Seal Replacement

  • You will not need any adhesives for fixing glass door seals that push over the glass. You can simply measure the height of your door and cut the seal.
  • To install the glass door seal on the glass, you need to measure the height and cut the seal accordingly. Most of our seals are pre-taped.
  • You can also buy our pFOkUS wipe to clean the door etch.

A shower door seal replacement might not be required once you purchase glass shower door seals and sweeps from pFOkUS. If at all your seals and sweeps get spoiled due to hard water deposits and lippage, you can replace them easily. These are all easy to clean and easy to fix. So get rid of frameless shower glass door leaks using high-quality seals and sweeps from pFOkUS.


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