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Travertine Tile cleaner and sealer – Imperia Deep Clean and Celine

SEO pFOkUS, June 11, 2020

The knowledge of a high quality travertine tile cleaner and sealer can prevent your costly stone from getting dull. If you had installed the best quality of travertine tile a few years ago but find it dull now, then you are not alone! Many homeowners face the same problem. This does not have anything to do with the way you clean your travertine surfaces. Travertine floorings, countertops and showers become dull over time. You need high-quality products to remove the deep-rooted stains and also prevent further staining. This blog explains the best products which can revamp your dull stone and bring the mirror shine back!

travertine tile stain remover - pFOkUS

But before you read about the products necessary for an efficient stone restoration, you need to know the common issues with travertine stone, so that you understand the procedures well.

Common Problems with Travertine Stone:

  • Staining : Travertine, being a natural stone is highly porous. The porosity factor enables water to penetrate deep within leading to unhygienic conditions. Any food or liquid spills on the surface penetrates deep within the stone leading to mold and mildew formation.
  • Mold and Mildew : As travertine is porous, if not sealed properly, it sponges up water and becomes an excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew. If not checked in due time, mold and mildew can cause respiratory problems, eye issues and runny nose.
  • Chipping and Cracking : Another issue with travertine is that it chips off due to heavy impact. Water gets collected in the pits, leading to mold formation. The chips and cracks can also hurt someone walking barefoot and also ruin the aesthetics of your surface.
  • Etching : Etching is caused on the surface due to use of acidic cleaners. This etching can be removed only by polishing the travertine floor using a good-quality epoxy resin sealer.
  • Scratching : It is inevitable for your flooring to come in contact with some heavy objects and get scratched or chipped. Heavy furniture or such objects can even make dents on the surface.

To prevent these issues and to preserve your travertine stone right from the start, it is essential that it is maintained properly. A little knowledge about the high-quality travertine cleaners and sealers available on the market can help you buy the best ones and stay away from low-quality cleaners or sealers.

The products that we are going to talk about today are manufactured by pFOkUS – one of the leading restoration products manufacturing companies in the US. All our products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratory. The results are so satisfactory and reliable that even D’Sapone – one of the leading restoration service providers in the US uses only our products for their services. Here is a brief instruction guide on how to use our products to clean and maintain your travertine surfaces.

Step-by-Step on the Stone Restoration Using the Best Travertine Tile Cleaner and Sealer:

How to Clean Travertine?

Grout and travertine tile are porous and tend to absorb moisture. The dampness inside causes mold to breed. Some tough stains also penetrate the pores of the tile and grout leading to staining. The best way to clean dirty and stained surfaces is by using a deep-soaking liquid. Imperia Deep Clean is the best travertine floor cleaner that performs a thorough cleaning by removing all these deep-rooted stains and mold. Our impeccable floor tile grout cleaner is a deep-soaking liquid, which enters into the surface of tile and grout, knocking off the mold and mildew breeding inside.

Here is How you can Use Imperia Deep Clean:

  • First, fill the sprayer bottle with the concentrated solution of Imperia Deep Clean.
  • Next, fill the sprayer bottle with hot water upto 1 gallon.
  • Fill a second sprayer bottle with hot water. Adding 8 oz of alcohol to the neutralizer will help dry the surface faster.
  • After solutions are ready, start spraying from top to bottom.
  • Spray on the floor and allow to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Re-apply Imperia and do not allow it to dry on the surface this time.
  • Scrub the grout lines and tile in back and forth motion using our Grout Brush to get the best and professional results.
  • Next, retract the shower floor and the corners.

travertine tile stain remover - pFOkUS

Why and How to Seal Travertine ?

Only cleaning and maintaining travertine does not guarantee that the stains will not appear again. You need to seal the surface using our travertine stone sealer – Celine, which forms a protective barrier on the surface, thereby preventing further moisture absorption. If you are looking for a permanent solution for your flooring and countertops, then Celine is the best. It is a clear topical solvent-based epoxy grout sealer, which creates a hydrophobic surface while penetrating deep into tile and grout. Once the natural stone tile and grout are clean, the pores will open, allowing the passage of all liquids. Celine not only shuts all the pores to prevent the occurrence of stains and mold but also adds a slight sheen to the surface.


Here is How you can Use Celine:

  • Ensure that there is no dampness and the surface is completely dry.
  • Now, apply an even coat of Celine on the surface. You can use an applicator if you need to spread it evenly. The first coat will dry to a semi-gloss finish.
  • Allow Celine to dry for 48 hours before exposing it to moisture.
  • You can check with a small water test after 48 hours. You will notice that the water will remain like droplets on the surface unlike before application of Celine, when the water used to get absorbed quickly.
  • After 48 hours, you need to apply the second coat. Apply it patiently for 1-5 hours and you will see a very high gloss sheen of the stone.

How to Maintain Travertine Surfaces on Daily Basis?

After sealing the surface, you can perform regular and weekly cleaning using our best travertine cleaner for maintenance. Sealed tile and grout also get superficial stains and dust. We manufacture a tile and grout cleaner that acts as a fresh cleaner and removes all the grime, superficial stains and dust accumulating on the surface, to reveal a sparkling, fresh and clean surface behind. Imperia Maintenance Cleaner makes your weekly maintenance jobs easier and effortless.

Here is How you can use Imperia Maintenance Cleaner:

  • Spray Imperia Maintenance Cleaner on your stone surfaces and clean with a soft cloth.
  • You will find your stone sparkling with a natural sheen.

So, grab these tried and tested products for your travertine surfaces and render them immaculate. After proper cleaning and staining, you will not have to worry about your precious floorings, countertops or showers getting dull, stained, moldy or lustreless.


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