Travertine Flooring Review | Pros and Cons

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Even the best quality travertine stone gets dull in a few years if not cleaned, maintained and sealed well. Travertine flooring, countertops and showers become dull over time due to a number of factors which you cannot avoid by daily cleaning also. Such dullness and staining can be prevented by proper cleaning. Not only to prevent, we will also tell you about some contemporary travertine restoration services available today, which can revamp your dull stone and bring the mirror shine back!

ravertine Flooring Review | Pros and Cons

But before you read about the procedures necessary for an efficient stone restoration, you need to know the characteristics, advantages and common issues with travertine stone, so that you understand the procedures well.

Characteristics of Travertine:

  • It is wear and impact resistant to a great extent. It is quite durable than other natural stone.
  • Travertine stone is available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • It is easy to cut and give any shape. It is very easy to work with.
  • Travertine resists pressure and heat and hence is ideal for floorings.

Pros and Cons of Travertine Stone:


  • Travertine is quite economical and hence home owners buy it commonly for their interiors. It is also a popular choice for commercial complexes.
  • It looks great on floors, countertops and showers.
  • The stone is quite durable.
  • It is easy to shape and cut this stone because of the way it is designed.
  • Travertine is available in various shapes, textures, designs and patterns and looks very pretty.


  • Travertine, being a natural stone is highly porous. This causes food and liquid spills to penetrate deep into the pores leading to mold and mildew formation.
  • The stone chips and cracks easily due to heavy impact of furniture or any other object. Water gets collected in the pits, again causing mold development. The chips and cracks can also hurt anyone walking bare feet on the surface.
  • Acidic cleaners easily etch the stone surface. This etching can be removed only by polishing the travertine flooring.

Now that you are aware of the characteristics, pros and cons of travertine stone, let us know how to maintain it well. You can either call professionals from a good restoration company to clean, repair, seal and maintain your travertine flooring. D’Sapone – one of the leading stone, grout, tile and glass restoration service providers in the US is a good option to try from. If you plan to perform the restoration tasks yourself, you need to buy the best quality products. You can try purchasing high-quality stone restoration products from pFOkUS – one of the leading stone, tile, grout and glass restoration products manufacturing companies in the US.

Restoration by Hiring Professionals:

D'Sapone - Travertine Stone Restoration Service

Cleaning Travertine:

Professional travertine tile cleaning procedure begins with a thorough cleaning and sanitization of the surface. Travertine is porous and often absorbs liquids and food spills leading to deep-rooted mold formation and tough staining. Experts from D’Sapone use heavy duty deep-penetrative cleaners that enter the pores and eliminate hidden germs and mold at the root level.

Cracked Grout and Travertine Stone Repair:

Experts also check for possible cracks and repairs in the tile and grout. They perform crack repair using powerful adhesives, which give a seamless repair result without appearing too bulky.

Sealing Grout:

After performing grout repair, experts also seal the grout using an exquisite titanium solvent based sealer. Their patented sealing process prevents mold, mildew and stains while preserving the beauty of the surface.

Sealing Travertine:

There is no guarantee that proper cleaning will not allow any stains to develop on the surface again. After repairing the cracks, experts seal the surface with natural look sealers in order to create a protective barrier on the stone and to prevent further moisture absorption. Sealing not only forms a waterproof barrier, but also retains the sheen.

This way, when you call one of the best companies like D’Sapone to restore your travertine flooring, you need not worry about the common issues with the stone. D’Sapone offers a 5 year labor warranty on their restoration services using high quality products from pFOkUS. If you want to do the restoration yourself, you can buy pFOkUS’ high-quality products that will give you desired results. Here is how you can use pFOkUS products to perform a Do-It-Yourself restoration job.

Do-It-Yourself Travertine Restoration

pFOkUS - Tile and Grout Ratoration Products - pFOkUS

Cleaning the Stone with a Robust Cleaner:

Travertine tile cleaning is done best with Imperia – a deep stone cleaner which penetrates the surface knocking off the stains at the root level. It removes all the stains and etching without causing any harm to the surface.

travertine floor tile cleaner - pFOkUS - Imperia Deep Clean

Cracked Grout and Travertine Stone Repair with a Powerful Adhesive:

In most shower restoration services, the contractual workers demand for an extra or spare tile to repair the cracked tile. But now, with the help of Sentura – a two part epoxy/resin filler, which seals the holes in your travertine, you can easily repair the cracks and holes seamlessly. This filler has a 1200psi bonding power, which prevents it from popping out of the surface. You can also color coordinate Sentura with your travertine surface in 40 different hues. Similarly, Sentura can repair cracks in the grout.

Cracked Grout and Travertine Stone Repair with a Powerful Adhesive

Sealing Grout with a Titanium Sealer:

Next you need to use Caponi to seal and safeguard travertine grout. Caponi is a 2 part pigmented solvent-based titanium resin which is accessible in 40 hues. It can be color matched with travertine to get a uniform look. Caponi never peels off on using acidic cleaners. It prevents the grout from further staining for a lifetime.

Sealing Grout with a Titanium Sealer

Sealing Travertine Surface with an Incredible Sealer:

Travertine sealing ensures that the stone surface is uniformly sealed with a quality sealer, preserving its beauty forever and preventing stains for a lifetime. pFOkUS offers a clear topical sealer – Celine for sealing the stone surface. It easily coats the travertine flooring and makes it waterproof.

Travertine floor shine - pFOkUS

This way, you can restore old and damaged travertine flooring with high-quality products or services. You can change the look of your surfaces just like new.


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