Top Tips for Cleaning the House Before Thanksgiving

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Are you freaking out thinking how to get your house spic and span before your favorite festival? Thanksgiving is one of the favorite festivals of Americans as one gets to meet their close friends and family members over some delicious feasts and get togethers. While meeting everyone is great, it does put an added burden on the host. Some of you also have guests over to stay for a few days. Even if you have taken care of the meal preparations and menus, you also need to ensure that your house is clean, groomed, tidied, restored and made guest-ready! To help you, we have compiled top tips for cleaning the house before Thanksgiving. You can go by this list Thanksgiving Cleaning Checklist and impress your guests with your house-keeping skills.

Top Tips for Cleaning the House Before Thanksgiving

The frequently visited areas by your guests shall be your bathrooms, living room, dining area, entrance and kitchen. So, if the time is less, you can only focus on deep cleaning and restoring these areas to have your house looking beautiful and well-kept. You can start by jotting down the main areas of your house that you want to include in your Thanksgiving Cleaning and then make sub-categories.

Home Cleaning on Thanksgiving:


Bathrooms are often attacked by soap scum, hard water stains and mold. As guests will be using your bathroom often during their stay, you need to ensure that it is as clean and beautiful as possible. Here are the main areas you need to concentrate on for bathroom cleaning.

bathroom-floor-and-shower-glass-cleaned-and-sealed- pFokus


  • Stains and mold formation on natural stone tile and grout.
  • Cracked tile and grout.
  • Damaged Caulk
  • Dirty glass shower doors.


  • Use Imperia Deep Clean to remove all the deep-rooted stains and mold from your tile and grout. It is a deep-penetrating cleaner from pFOkUS that enters deep within the pores of the porous tile and grout and eliminates all traces of mold, mildew and dense stains.
  • Next, you need to check for cracked tile and grout. You can repair these damages with Sentura – a two-part pigmented flexible solvent-based epoxy/resin, based on 1200 psi adhesion that covers cracks, holes, pit and hairline fractures in just one coating. It delivers a neat looking uniform surface.
  • You need to also replace your damaged tile with Sentura. It is the best caulk substitute as caulk does not deliver permanent results and tends to crack or peel off in some time. Sentura seals your shower corners permanently.

Thnaksgiving 2020 - Home restoration kit

  • Next, you should seal your grout to prevent re-staining again. This can be done with Caponi – a titanium-based solvent epoxy/resin that is available in more than 40 hues. It seals the grout and makes it water-proof.
  • Then, you should seal your tile. This can be done with Celine – a topical clear resin, solvent based sealer that seals your natural stone tile without appearing bulky. It makes your tile and grout waterproof.
  • Lastly, you should clean and seal your shower glass doors too. This can be done with Benaz – a powerful glass cleaner that removes all traces of hard water stains, soap scum and etching from your glass.
  • Also, seal your glass with Valore to prevent re-staining. It is a powerful glass-sealer from pFOkUS that makes your glass surfaces water-proof.
  • Once you have deep-cleaned and sealed your surfaces, you can clean the superficial dirt and stains with Imperia Maintenance Cleaner or Valore Maintenance cleaner. Of the two, Valore Maintenance is a more powerful combination of a sealer and cleaner as it is infused with 6.97% of H2O2 at the molecular level.

Living Rooms:

Living rooms are areas where your guests will be spending the maximum time sitting with you and chatting. Their eyes will check the way you keep your upholstery, artefacts, glass tables and floors.

Living room - pFOkUS


  • Stained carpets, sofa sets, upholstery
  • Dirty artefacts and flower vases.
  • Stained or chipped floors.
  • Dirty windows.


  • Begin by vacuuming your carpets and upholstery. If you find dense stains, call for cleaning experts to clean your sofa-sets, carpets or curtains.
  • Clean your dirty windows with Valore Maintenance. It easily removes all the dirt, dust and superficial stains from your windows and renders a sparkling looking window glass.

Shower restoration - DIY

  • Clean and dust all your artefacts and decorate your vases with fresh flowers.
  • Clean, repair and seal your flooring just the way you did in your bathrooms by first deep cleaning with Imperia Maintenance, repairing with Sentura, sealing grout with Caponi and then sealing tile with Celine. You can sparkle the living room floor just a day before guests arrive with Imperia Maintenance.


The main areas that attract anyone’s attention in a kitchen is the countertop and the floor. With little children visiting, there is quite a possibility of food and beverage spills and stains on your floors.



  • Dirty, stained and greasy countertops with acidic stains and oil leaks.
  • Stained floors with mold formation.
  • Chipped countertops and flooring.


  • Flooring restoration in the kitchen has to be done in the same way as you did in your bathroom and living rooms.
  • Next, you need to focus on your countertops.
  • First step is to deep clean it with Imperia Deep Clean to remove all kinds of acidic stains, food and beverage stains, oil stains and mold.
  • If you have cultured marble countertops, you can use Benaz for deep cleaning your countertops.
  • Next, you need to check for chips and cracks in the grout or countertop tile. You can repair it with Sentura. It can be easily pigmented in more than 40 hues with Caponi.
  • Then seal the grout and once it is dry, seal the countertops with Celine. This will protect your countertops for long and deliver a lovely sheen.

These Thanksgiving tips are for deep cleaning and restoring your kitchens, bathrooms and floors with pFOkUS products. Once you clean and restore these areas, your house will be guest-ready before Thanksgiving!


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