Ultimate Tips : How to Make your Shower Grout Stain Resistant?

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Grout is often ignored as just a dense liquid used to fill in the gaps between two tiles. But this grout plays a big role in tile cleanliness and overall beauty other than just joining the tile. It is made from a mixture of cement and sand and is highly porous. Due to this porosity, any kind of liquid easily penetrates inside, making the surface underneath damp and moist. This dampness is an excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew. Acidic cleaners, shampoos, lotions and soap scum cause stains and discoloration. If you have been ignoring your grout all this while, be mindful that it could be a hoarder of germs and mold. To ensure a shower grout stain resistant, you need to seal it with an epoxy grout sealer.

Which is the Best Product to Make your Shower Grout Stain Resistant?

An epoxy sealer can help you make your grout stain resistant. You need to seal your shower grout using a shower approved grout sealer. We have the best waterproof sealer – Caponi, which will not only give you stain proof grout permanently but will also prevent it from absorbing moisture and liquids. Caponi is built on a 2-part-solvent titanium resin/epoxy foundation. Caponi is not bulky and does its job in just one coat. It will forever eliminate your need for re-grouting, as it gives permanent results. It is available in 40 different colors and hence can be easily matched with tile colors. Caponi is the best stain proof grout sealer for a shower and can be used for sealing both sanded and unsanded grout.

Caponi - The Best Stain Proof Grout Sealer

Are you Aware of the Various Benefits of Epoxy Grout Sealer?

Sealing grout will prevent it from changing grout color. Often soap scum, shampoos and lotions leave a nasty stain on the grout, leading to discoloration.

  • Caponi is used as a colored grout sealer as it is available in more than 40 shades. All these shades are in earthy or neutral hues just like the ones available in tile. You can easily match the tile color with the grout color using Caponi.
  • Caponi is an epoxy resin sealer and it helps in forming a waterproof grout by preventing further entry of moisture and liquids. Often the moisture that penetrated through the grout leads to mold breeding, which further deteriorates the tile surface.

How Often you Should Re-Seal your Grout?

Often contractors and laymen use poor-quality products that wear off in some months or years. Our Caponi gives everlasting stain resistant grout. You will not have to re-seal your grout once you seal it with Caponi. It efficiently brings an end to all your grout woes and mold problems.

How to Use Caponi to Make your Shower Grout Stain Resistant?


  • Caponi kit containing Part A and Part B bottles
  • Empty container
  • Paint Brush
  • Alco


  • Ensure that the grout is clean and dry before you start applying Caponi.
  • If your grout is broken or loose, you can fix it using our permanent solvent Sentura, which is a grout filler. After ensuring that all the grout is in place, you can seal it.
  • Caponi contains part A and part B sealant, which have to be mixed separately in a container using a mixing stick which is available in the kit.
  • Apply the sealant in a smooth and even coat over the grout lines using a paint brush.
  • Keep spraying Alco on the paint brush to prevent the sealer from drying. You need to take care that you do not miss out any part of the grout.
  • After applying Caponi on the grout lines, wipe off the excess build-up using Alco – a paint thinner.
  • After cleaning with Alco, let Caponi dry completely.

Where to get this Amazing Sealer from?

So grab Caponi to get a long-lasting stain resistant grout. You can get this sealer from pFOkUS. We also manufacture tile and grout cleaner and stone sealer. Visit our website for more information.

If you have any additional queries about natural stone, tile and grout reach out to the experts at pFOkUS today. One of our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to take your call at +1-800-977-8313.

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