Tips and Tricks to Make your Shower Glass Shining Clean

pFOkUS Admin, July 13, 2021

Shower glass is the embodiment of beauty in a bathroom as it distinguishes the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, helps to keep the flooring dry and also adds an amazing lusture to your decor owing to its elegance and transparency. But a stained and etched shower glass door, on the other hand, makes your bathrooms look disgusting, dirty and unhygienic. Stains can be of dirt, soap scum, hard water dots and even etching. These appear on your shower glass doors after every use. So how can you make your glass shining clean? And even if you do, how can you ensure that it remains stain free? Here are some tips and tricks to make and keep your shower glass shining clean.

Shower Glass cleaning, sealing and maitaince kit - pfokus

Understand the Common Stains Affecting Shower Glass:

  • Some people get hard water in their taps. This water has calcium and mineral deposits which leave a whitish stain on the surface as soon as the water evaporates. Removing hard water stains is not only tough, but they also reappear with every use.
  • Soap scum is another nagging issue that affects glass surfaces in a shower. This scum settles on the surface making the door look very dirty and unmaintained.
  • If you have used an acidic cleaner on your glass door before, you might notice etching on the surface which also degrades the look of the glass.

So, are you looking for an ultimate cleaning solution that will impart a dazzling shine to your shower glass? Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Tips and Tricks to Make your Shower Glass Shining Clean:

  • Your shower glass needs to be cleaned with a quality glass cleaner that is not acidic.
  • After cleaning, you have to seal your glass surfaces. Sealing creates a hydrophilic layer on the glass, thereby preventing further stains from developing.
  • Do not use water-based sealer as they come off quickly, leaving your glass surfaces vulnerable to stains and mold formation again.
  • It is not practical to wipe off the glass shower door after every use. You need to resort to a permanent solution.
  • Even after sealing, some superfluous stains are inevitable, but these can be easily removed using a maintenance sealer.
  • If the water appears like tiny beads on your glass surfaces, this indicates that the sealer is intact. If water is more deeply accumulated on the surfaces, it indicates that the sealer has worn off.
  • Glass sealing is important in areas that get hard water in their taps. If you do not seal your glass surfaces, you will notice whitish deposits of calcium and other minerals on your surfaces once the water evaporates. If you ignore these salt deposits, they become intense gradually, making it very tough to clean your glass later.

Glass cleaning, sealing and maitaince kit - pfokus

So, now that you know that your glass shower door needs to be deep cleaned first, sealed and then maintained regularly with a maintenance cleaners, here are some of the best products for glass cleaning, glass sealing and glass maintenance. All these products have been developed in laboratories by pFOkUS – a leading glass restoration products manufacturing company in the US. Our products are also used by D’Sapone – one of the leading restoration service providers in the US. All our products are science-backed and deliver fabulous results.

Benaz – an Impactful Glass Cleaner:

Benaz is a powerful glass-approved cleaner used for removing all the filth, soap scum, hard water stains and etching from your glass doors. This hard water stain remover removes all the dirt, stains and impurities giving you a clear glass door, without damaging the surface. Not only dirt, soap scum and hard water stains, Benaz effectively eliminates other grime as well. Some products might be able to remove the stains, but they leave etch marks. Acidic cleaners also damage the glass surface. Benaz renders an ideal clarity and sheen to your shower glass door.

Benaz is one of the best products for cleaning cultured marble too. It is best for cleaning cultured marble because it does not cause etching on the surface.


Here, we have explained in brief how to make your shower glass shining clean with Benaz:

Cleaning with Benaz:

  • Take the bottle of Benaz and shake it thoroughly.
  • Take a generous amount of Benaz on the applicator tool and gently rub it over the stained glass surface.
  • Massage it in circular motions and then wipe off clean with a clean and dry cloth.
  • You will find a clear and clean surface below.

Valore Sealer – an Incredible Glass Sealer:

Valore is a glass sealant which preserves the glass doors from etching and hard water dots. After the hard water stains and soap scum have been removed using a shower glass cleaner, this sealer forms a protective shield on the glass. It not only seals and protects the surface from further stains and filth, but also imparts an ideal magnificence and lustre.


Sealing with Valore Sealer:

  • Ensure the glass is clean and free from stains and etching.
  • Wipe the glass dry after cleaning.
  • Spray shower glass sealer – Valore on the entire surface.
  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth. The sealer would have formed a protective layer in just one application.
  • Now when you splash water on the surface, you will find it to sheet off from the glass and not settle in droplets. Valore bonds to glass surfaces and prevents bacteria, germs and mold.

Valore Maintenance – a Glass Maintenance Cleaner:

This efficient product is perfect for weekly maintenance of your shower glass doors. It helps you prevent corrosion, water dots, soap scum from forming on the surface. Valore Maintenance makes your task effortless. It is a unique combination of cleaner and sealer, made with Repela-Bond technology that efficiently cleans and seals at the same time. This shower glass protector repels water at a hydrophilic level, making the water sheet off the surface.


Maintaining with Valore Maintenance:

  • Spray Valore Maintenance on the glass
  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • This maintenance product will clean and seal at the same time and preserve the beauty of your glasses for long.

Keep your shower glass shining clean using our sealers and cleaners. pFOkUS products are manufactured after years of research in the laboratories. They are high in quality and efficiency. We also manufacture stone, grout and tile restoration products.


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