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pFOkUS – the leading tile, grout, stone and glass restoration products manufacturing company is forever dedicated to the service of its customers. With excellence in its product range, our company has scaled new heights in the past years and will continue to do so in the coming years. Our tile and grout restoration products have changed the way people clean and seal their surfaces. With the help of our restoration products, our customers can now easily maintain their floorings, countertops, glass surfaces and showers just like new for long.

Why are we Proud of our Products?

pFOkUS products deliver what they promise. We have specially manufactured our products after years of research in the laboratories. Our scientists have studied in depth the basic problems with tile and grout restoration products available on the market. Most of them are acidic in nature, which is the prime cause of etching and abrasive surfaces. The other products which are non-acidic are not efficient enough on stains and mold. Our idea was to create deep-penetrating cleaners which can enter porous tile and eliminate all sorts of stains and mold from within. Our sealers are also made with an intention of making your surfaces waterproof. We have concluded that dirty or unsealed grout can cause a lot of harm to your tile and also to the aesthetics of your floorings and countertops.

Exquisitely Designed Stone, Tile, Grout, and Glass Restoration Products

What is so Exciting About this Fall Season?

This fall season, pFOkUS has come up with various pFOkUS deals to serve our customers better. You can avail various discounted rates on our products and continue cleaning and maintaining your homes like never before. This is our gesture to say thank you for your tremendous love and support.

pFOkUS coupons can be applied on many of our products and this way, we are trying to help you buy our range without feeling burdensome. If your home gets too dirty after a party, you can instantly buy our tile and grout products using our coupons and save handsomely on the best home and building restoration products, while managing to maintain a sparkle on your surfaces.

If you find your kitchens dirty, you can make use of our home improvement product deals and buy our countertop cleaners and sealers to rejuvenate your surfaces. Similarly, you can avail exciting benefits on our tile and grout products for your flooring and shower areas too.

Our home improvement discounts can be applied to our glass products range too. Buy our glass cleaners and sealers and ensure that your surfaces remain stain-free and sparkling for long. Get rid of hard water stains and soap scum accumulation instantly by using our glass products range.

How pFOkUS Products can Help you Maintain your Surfaces?

Throw parties without worrying about the mess!

We all love parties, but the mess that is left behind can be quite unnerving. Our tile and grout cleaning products such as Imperia Deep Clean and Imperia Maintenance Cleaner are now available at unbelievable prices. So go ahead and clean and seal your floorings and countertops before you call your gang at home for a party. Once your surfaces are sealed with Celine, you need not worry about stains or mold anymore. You can now save more and clean more by grabbing our product discounts specially offered for this Fall Season. Using our products, ensure that your tile and grout are free from mold, stains and other debris. Type Coupon Code FALL15 and avail unbelievable offers and discounts on these products.

Just like tile and grout discounts, we have also launched discounts on our glass cleaning and maintenance products. Avail exciting offers on our glass cleaning product – Benaz. This incredible product helps you remove hard water stains and soap scum instantly, revealing a sparkling looking surface.

This Fall Season, if you are seeking to buy maintenance products to make your daily cleaning and maintaining jobs easier, then there is good news for you! We also have discounts and coupons for products like Imperia Maintenance Cleaner and Valore Maintenance, to help you carry out your weekly maintenance jobs easily.

Ensure optimum health for everyone! 

Moisture in the tile and grout leads to mold formation. Mold causes respiratory issues and runny nose. It also reeks of a bad odor. Once you clean your surfaces with our cleaner, you can further seal them using our tile and grout sealers like Celine and Caponi to ensure that your surfaces become water-proof for long. Once the surfaces have been thoroughly sanitized and cleaned, sealing them, prevents further moisture entry, thereby helping them stay intact for long. Shop now to grab our grout product discount on Caponi and get the best looking grout lines on your flooring, countertops and showers. pFOkUS deals and coupons can be applied on a variety of our products to ensure utmost health and safety of your family members.

You can also get pFOkUS offers on our glass sealers such as Valore Sealer, to make your glass surfaces water-proof. Valore Sealer is now available at never-seen before prices and you can grab the opportunity immediately to rejuvenate all your glass surfaces at home.

Environmentally Safe Home Improvement Products

Keep your surfaces toddler-safe

If you home has toddlers playing around, then you should be careful about cracks and chips on your surfaces. Our tile and grout repair product – Sentura, that can ensure seamless repair jobs instantly. Sentura is quite useful in repairing pits, holes and cracks in tile and grout, thereby helping you have immaculate looking surfaces. Use Coupon Code FALL15 on Sentura and ensure that your houses are toddler-safe.

Why have we come up with Offers During Fall Season?

Fall season depicts end of everything old and the start of something new and exciting. With the same sentiment, we want to convey to our customers, that let us put an end to dirt, stains and mold and keep our surfaces sparkling like new to welcome new beginnings in our life. Hurry up and make a list of all the maintenance products you need for your homes and offices.

So hurry, grab the opportunity quickly till stocks last! Offer is available for a limited period only and you surely do not want to miss out on them. For more information on our offers and coupons, visit: Fall Season Deals 2019.


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