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Any home or complex has hard surfaces made from tile, grout and glass. These tend to pick up dirt, dust, spills and leaks and have dense stains on their surfaces. Stubborn stains can be from tea or coffee, ink, rust or grease and other such substances causing hard to remove stains. Most of you use acidic cleaners for removing stubborn stains, thereby etching the surface badly. pFOkUS brings you a complete guide on the correct way of removing these stains.

Complete Guide to Removing Stubborn Stains from Hard Surfaces | pFOkUS

Why do Tile, Grout and Glass Surfaces get Stained?

Tiles are available in many variations. Ceramic, porcelain, non-natural tile, natural stone tile raise the aesthetic value of your surfaces, only if they are maintained in the right way. Natural stone tile and grout are permeable surfaces that have the tendency to absorb any kind of food or beverage spills, soaps or shampoo spills, dust, dirt, grime, soap scum, hard water or even the dirty mop water. As the surfaces are permeable, this dirt penetrates deep inside the pores of these surfaces, forming dense and stubborn stains at the root level. Stubborn stains occur on the topmost layer of all kinds of tile, even those which are not permeable or less permeable. Glass surfaces are also stained easily. Dense stains of hard water occur on them. These hard water dots are calcium and magnesium mineral deposits left behind once the water evaporates.

Stubborn stains on your tile, grout and glass impact the beauty of your surfaces and your overall home interiors. Your surfaces start looking dirty and unmaintained. Furthermore, if not removed in due time, these spoil your costly tile and glass forever.

What Kind of Stubborn Stains do you find on Tile and Grout in Floorings and Countertops?

  • Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice or Wine stains and spills lead to countertop and floor stubborn stains.
  • Acidic spills from tomatoes, lemon, and other citric products.
  • Rust stains on the tile and grout.
  • Grease stains on the tile and grout.
  • Ink and permanent marker stains.

What Kind of Stubborn Stains do you find on Tile and Grout in Showers?

  • Hard water stains are the most common shower stubborn stains that leave a whitish deposit on the surface.
  • Furthermore, acidic spills from cleaning products, leading to stubborn etch marks.

What causes Glass Stains?

Shower Glass Sealer - Valore Glass Sealer - pFOkUS

  • Glass surfaces may also get grease or rust stains.
  • They may have stubborn etching stains.
  • Ink or permanent marker stains.

pFOkUS manufactures a range of household cleaning and restoration products, all in lieu of the characteristics of each material. We have a special tile and grout cleaner that can be used on all kinds of natural and non-natural tile and grout. We have a glass cleaner that can be used on all kinds of glass surfaces. Our glass cleaner is also used for cleaning cultured marble. Here is a detailed description of removing stubborn stains using pFOkUS products.

Removing Stubborn Stains from Tile and Grout:

Cleaning Rust Stains - Imperia Deep Clean

pFOkUS’ Imperia Deep Clean is a powerful and robust cleaner that removes all kinds of tile and grout stains without damaging the delicate structure. It is an alkaline product and hence, will not cause etching on the surface. Imperia Deep Clean is also deep-penetrative and so it seeps into the pores of the porous tile and grout and eliminates stains at the root level. It also removes stubborn stains from the top surface of non-natural stone tile.

Imperia Deep Clean is best used in combination with a tile grout brush. It is our scrubbing tool that has bristles that can easily swivel in any direction. This brush will help you remove the stains hidden at the corners of the narrow grout lines and tile, therefore making the surface absolutely clean.

Removing Stubborn Stains from Glass and Cultured Marble:

Shower Glass Cleaning and Sealing Products - pFOkUS

For removing stubborn stains from glass or cultured marble, we manufacture Benaz. It is our incredible glass and cultured marble surface cleaner. It gently removes the stains, without causing any etching. Benaz does not damage the integrity of the glass or cultured marble while removing all the stains. Benaz also delivers an ideal clarity to the surfaces, making them shine and sparkle like new.

After removing stubborn stains from tile, grout and glass surfaces, we recommend you seal them with our sealing products to prevent restaining. We also have an exceptional grout sealer – Caponi, tile sealer – Celine and glass sealer – Valore Sealer. After sealing your hard surfaces, you will not find the problem of stubborn stains. Any light superficial stains can later be cleaned using our maintenance cleaners – Valore Maintenance and Imperia Maintenance.


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