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pFOkUS Admin, June 7, 2021

Terrazzo tile flooring is a popular option today. This versatile flooring system showcases beautiful artistry. It is designed and structured from marble chips and some other decorative aggregates bound together with cement or epoxy binders. Terrazzo tiles are generally used in patio, pool decks and kitchen floorings. However, this tile does have some issues. You need to seal it well to prevent any damage. An unsealed Terrazzo tile is prone to staining, chipping, cracking and mold development. Here is a detailed guide on Terrazzo floor restoration, cleaning and maintenance.

Terrazzo Floor Restoration - pFOkUS products

How is Terrazzo Tile Made?

Terrazzo is a relatively new tile that is made using marble chips and/or decorative aggregates. These are bound together in a cement mix or with epoxy binders to make them quite durable and ever-lasting.

Important Points to Note About Terrazzo Tile:

  • Terrazzo tile is very durable and comes in unlimited design options.
  • It is a low-maintenance tile that is quite costly.
  • The installation process is tricky and it needs to be installed professionally. It easily chips and cracks if not installed properly.
  • It is necessary to seal the tile and you also get pre-sealed Terrazzo tile. But, the terrazzo tile available on the market is rarely sealed with high-quality sealers. These sealers wear off quickly, making your terrazzo tile vulnerable to liquid penetration and subsequent damage.
  • If the chips and cracks are not repaired soon, they will not only harm anyone walking barefoot, but also further deteriorate the tile.
  • Do not use acidic cleaners to clean the stains and hard water spots on Terrazzo tile, as they may cause etching.

These are some important factors to keep in mind for Terrazzo tile restoration. Now we will discuss how to clean Terrazzo tile properly.

How to Clean Terrazzo Tile the Right Way?

How to Clean Terrazzo Tile - Terrazzo floor restoration

  • Terrazzo floor tile, if newly installed and sealed, only needs regular sweeping and mopping.
  • If the sealer has worn off or if you have not sealed your tile and find it dirty, then you need to use a penetrating Terrazzo floor cleaner to knock off the stubborn mold and stains from the root. It is recommended to use an Alkaline cleaner as it does not cause any etching. You can try using Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS for thorough Terrazzo floor cleaning and to remove all traces of hidden stains and mold at the root level. It is a concentrated solution that can be diluted upto 1 gallon and then sprayed on the entire flooring.
  • After cleaning, you need to rinse the terrazzo floor tile with water to remove all the residue. Then, retract the solution from the floors again to reveal a sanitized surface. Using strong cleaners like Imperia Deep Clean will also strip away the pre-existing sealers.
  • Now mop the surface dry before sealing.

How to Repair any Chips and Cracks on the Terrazzo Tile Surface?

Terrazzo Tile chips and cracks - Terrazzo floor restoration

  • Terrazzo floor cracks and chips make your surface look dull and old. If the grout or tile is cracked, chipped or missing, then you can easily repair them using our high-quality adhesive, instead of replacing the entire tile or opting for regrouting.
  • You can try using Sentura from pFOkUS. It does not look bulky like other sealers, but has a sleek and natural appearance. It gives a seamless repair job.
  • Sentura can also be color-matched in more than 40 colors with Caponi sealer from pFOkUS, thereby giving you the shade you require.

How to Seal Terrazzo Tile?

  • Sealing should be done only after the tile has dried thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Next, proceed to sealing the grout first using a Terrazzo grout sealer. You can try using Caponi from pFOkUS. It is an epoxy/resin sealer with a titanium base that forms a sealing protection on the grout.
  • After sealing the grout, you should then seal the tile. Use a clear topical solvent-based sealer, such as Celine from pFOkUS to seal the terrazzo floor tile. Celine delivers a waterproof layer on your flooring and gives a faint sheen and naturally sleek appearance.
  • It is recommended to apply a second coat of Celine after 48 hours if you want a high-gloss sheen.

How to Maintain Terrazzo Floor Tile after Sealing | Routine Care Tips:

How to Maintain Terrazzo Floor - Terrazzo floor restoration

  • Terrazzo floor tile, once cleaned, repaired and sealed is saved from inner damage. But, you cannot avoid the superfluous dirt, stains and mold that settle on the surface periodically.
  • You need a good Terrazzo Floor Maintenance Cleaner to clean and maintain your surface regularly. Both Imperia Maintenance or Valore Maintenance are great combos of cleaners and sealers that are used to maintain a sealed surface weekly or daily. Of the two, Valore Maintenance is infused with 6.97% of H2O2 at the molecular level and is stronger.
  • You can just wipe the surface with Imperia or Valore Maintenance and reveal a sparkling Terrazzo tile surface beneath.

These are the basic instructions for cleaning, repairing, sealing and maintenance of Terrazzo floor tile. You will get the best results on using pFOkUS products. They have been manufactured after years of research, keeping the common issues of tile and grout in mind. If you feel you do not have the time to perform restoration yourself, you can hire D’Sapone – one of the leading stone, brick, tile, grout and glass restoration service providers in the US. They have highly trained artists who use pFOkUS products. Their patented procedures to perform the services along with a 5-year labor warranty.


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