Terracotta Floor Tile Cleaning and Maintenance

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If you have installed Terracotta floor tile in your homes or commercial complexes, you might be wondering about it’s maintenance and cleaning. This tile is different from other common natural stone or non-natural stone tile and requires different cleaning and maintaining protocols. Here we will explain in-depth about the right way to clean and maintain this tile, but before that, you should know more about the characteristics of Terracotta.

Terracotta Floor Tile Cleaning - pFOkUS

Characteristics of Terracotta Tile:

These tiles are made from clay. The term ‘Terracotta’ can be translated to ‘cooked earth’. People use Terracotta tile for their floor and walls commonly. This is an economic option and also gives a rustic appearance to your decor. As these tiles are made from natural material, they need proper maintenance and care. You may find Terracotta in different textures, colors, and appearances.

Terracotta material is strong and durable. It is naturally resistant to bacteria and mold. When installed properly, these tiles can last for a long time. Terracotta tile are porous and hence should be sealed properly to protect them from scratches, moisture and stains.

Terracotta Tile Cleaning Tips:

Terracotta floor cleaner - Imperia Deep Clean

Here is a step-by-step cleaning instruction:

  • A newly installed terracotta floor tile needs to remain untouched for 72 hours so that it can set well and ‘cure’.
  • If your tile is old, you can start by vacuuming to remove dust, dirt and sand particles. Further, you should use a clean and slightly wet microfiber cloth to clean the edges.
  • Use Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS to clean your floor tile thoroughly and to remove all traces of hidden stains and mold at the root level. Imperia Deep Clean is available in a concentrated solution that needs to be diluted. It can be diluted upto 1 gallon and can be used for your entire surface.
  • After you have deep cleaned your terracotta floor tile with Imperia Deep Clean, you need to rinse it with water, retract the remnants and mop the floor dry.
  • Wait for a few hours to let the flooring dry completely.


Terracotta Tile Sealing:

Terracotta tile flooring does not have any glaze on its surface and tends to get dirty quite often. This can be avoided by applying a sealant coat. Wax-based sealants should be avoided as these are unable to penetrate into the pores of the tile and tend to remain on the top, looking bulky as a result. After cleaning, we recommend you to seal your surface to ensure that the porous tile does not soak in more moisture and get stained.

Here are the sealing instructions:

  • Once the floor is dry, it is time to apply the sealant. You can use Celine – clear topical solvent-based floor tile grout sealer from pFOkUS, as it is the best terracotta floor tile sealant that is easy to apply and delivers a long-lasting sheen and protection to your surface.
  • Begin by applying an even coat of Celine on the terracotta tile. Use an applicator as it helps to spread evenly.
  • You will notice that the first coat imparts a semi-glossy finish.
  • You have to leave the first coat to dry for 48 hours before exposing it to moisture again.
  • After 48 hours, you can apply a second coat of Celine and wait for 1 to 5 hours for it to dry completely.
  • In the end, you will see a very high gloss sheen of your floor tile.
  • If you want your tile to appear natural and rustic, you can just apply one coat of Celine.


Maintenance of Terracotta Tile Flooring:

It is natural that even after deep-cleaning and sealing, your tile will get dirty again. This dirt will not be able to penetrate deep within the pores as the surface has been sealed. But, superfluous dirt and dust accumulation is inevitable. To maintain your tile on a regular basis, here are some instructions:

  • You can use Imperia Maintenance or Valore Maintenance weekly or daily for light cleaning of your tile. Both these products from pFOkUS are maintenance cleaners designed for weekly maintenance of hard surfaces. Of the two, Valore Maintenance is infused with 6.97% of H2O2 at the molecular level and is stronger.
  • You can just wipe the surface with Imperia or Valore Maintenance and reveal a sparkling terracotta tile surface beneath.Apart from these Cleaning and Maintenance Tips, there are some other Frequently Asked Questions regarding Terracotta Floor Tile, solved below:


Are Terracotta Tiles soundproof?

Terracotta tiles are highly soundproof and are much recommended for high-noise areas. These tend to reduce the outside noise by 25 to 30 decibels, as compared to a reduction of 12 decibels on a metal surface.

How do you clean unsealed terracotta tiles?

The best way to clean unsealed terracotta tile is by using a deep-penetrating cleaner such as Imperia Deep Clean from pFOkUS. This cleaner is good for terracotta because it is alkaline and will not cause etching like other acidic cleaners.

How to clean terracotta tiles with vinegar?

It is not advisable to clean terracotta tile with acidic cleaners, vinegar or ammonia as these tend to damage or discolor the tile flooring.

These are some important terracotta floor tile cleaning and maintenance tips that you should follow if you want to maintain the beauty of your surfaces for long.


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