Best Stone Fireplace Cleaner around a Fireplace

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Winter is around the corner and you might be looking for a stone fireplace cleaner to prep up the area around your fireplace before you get it started. A stone fireplace is a dreamy and convenient set up in most houses facing extreme cold winter weather. But to maintain a fireplace takes some effort and time. Soot and smoke make a fireplace look dingy and it needs to be scrubbed and cleaned well to get back it’s sparkle. Here we have the best stone fireplace cleaner to help you put back the sheen in your hearth.

Stone Fireplace Cleaner around a Fireplace - imperia deep clean - pFOkUS

Most people install a stone flooring around their fireplace. The options include granite, slate or travertine most popularly. These add a rustic vibe to your stone fireplace. Today, modern designers install limestone or soapstone, but those who have a conventional fireplace, will know how soot, debris and dirt settles in the pores of the stone tile. But, if you have a good stone fireplace cleaner, you can maintain it easily and keep it looking sparkling and clean.

How do you Define a Good Stone Fireplace Cleaner?

A good stone fireplace cleaner should have the following qualities:

  • Stone tile and grout are porous structures and when installed around a fireplace, these get easily filled with soot, smoke and dust particles and start looking blackish and dirty. A good stone fireplace cleaner should be deep-penetrating, so that it can enter the pores of these surfaces and remove all the hidden traces of dirt and debris from within.
  • When fireplaces are left unused during hot and humid weather, they develop mold quite often. A good cleaner should be able to get rid of this mold from the root and make your surfaces absolutely sanitized and clean.
  • A good cleaner for stone fireplaces is one that does not cause etching on the surface.

Which is the Best Stone Fireplace Cleaner?

Imperia Deep Clean is the best stone fireplace cleaner. It is deep-penetrating and non-acidic and hence the perfect cleaner to clean the area in and around a fireplace. This deep-soaking cleaner eliminates all the grime, dirt and soot and gets back the sheen on the stone surface. This alkaline product is the best professional fireplace cleaner and is used by big restoration service providers like D’Sapone. Manufactured by pFOkUS – one of the leading stone, tile, grout and glass restoration products manufacturing companies, Imperia Deep Clean delivers amazing results.

Best Stone Fireplace Cleaner


  • Imperia Deep Clean is gentle on the surface and tough on the stains.
  • It is alkaline and the best non-acidic surface cleaner.
  • Imperia will not harm the integrity of the stone or grout.
  • It does not only remove the stains, mold and mildew from the top of the surface, but also from the root.
  • It causes no etching on the surface.
  • Furthermore, you will not find any residue or chemical odor.
  • Imperia Deep Clean is also cost-efficient, as it is available in a concentrated solution and can be diluted, making up to 1 gallon of cleaning liquid.

How to Clean a Stone Fireplace?

  • Firstly, you need to sweep away all the big debris and ash particles using a broom. Ensure you have all the bigger pieces removed from the surface.
  • Before you begin, wear protective eye goggles and gloves as the soot on and around the surface can trouble your eyes and hands.
  • Next, open the concentrated solution of Imperia Deep Clean and pour it in an empty container. Fill it up with hot water upto 1 gallon to make a dilute cleaning liquid. You can put this in the sprayer bottle.
  • Keep a second sprayer bottle ready with hot water. This will help to neutralize the solution. You can also add 8 oz alcohol to this hot water to be able to dry the solutions quickly.
  • Now spray the hearth and all the surrounding fireplace area with Imperia Deep Clean. This cleaner will attack the molecules of soot and loosen the bonds, thereby making it easier for you to get rid of them from the surface.
  • Spray Imperia again and this time, start scrubbing gently. You can use a grout brush from Imperia Deep Clean to help you clean efficiently.
  • Retract the solutions to reveal a sparkling surface beneath.
  • You can even mop off or rinse with fresh water to get a very clean and sanitized fireplace area.


Imperia Deep Clean is the best stone fireplace cleaner around a fireplace. It does not damage the integrity of your stone tile and gives you a wonderfully clean and sparkling fireplace. Grab it today to prep and clean your fireplace, before you start using it for the upcoming winters.


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